1. knobturner75's Avatar
    So, I ordered a cyan Lumia 920 from WalMart on 11/11/12 about 1:00 AM, for the price of $49.99 on contract. I'm approved but awaiting stock (and getting a little frustrated). Now I can't find the cyan 920 listed on their site. Plus, now the only color they offer is white, and that is for $69.99 on contract. Before they were offering white, black, red, yellow, and cyan, and they were all $49.99 on contract.

    Just wanted to vent some frustrations and put this out to the masses.
    11-18-2012 01:47 AM
  2. PETCOW's Avatar
    ordered cyan from ATT a day after you. still in process. i need to vent some frustrations as well.
    11-18-2012 01:51 AM
  3. lg89's Avatar
    Ordered mine on the 12th from Walmart as well. Sent them an email. They told me they don't know when they'll restock. Ridiculous.
    11-18-2012 02:31 AM
  4. ColeHarris's Avatar
    I seriously can't tell if there is a legitimate high demand for this device or if Nokia only made like 300 of them or something, I hope its the former.
    11-18-2012 02:39 AM
  5. knobturner75's Avatar
    It also interesting to note that even on AT&T's site the cyan, yellow, and red 920's are all listed as "Out of Stock". I really hope this is because demand is so high. I'd hate to think Nokia started pushing a product with a huge and expensive marketing campaign, only to find they did so with a small quantity of stock on hand. Unfortunately, it seems that us early adopters are learning to accept disappointment. I'm just glad my first gen. Focus is still serving me well.
    11-18-2012 08:36 AM
  6. Reflexx's Avatar
    Each carrier has different requirements. Nokia really can't afford to make a ton of each color, because they don't know which carriers will buy what.

    In the US, AT&T I'd in charge of ordering stock from Nokia for the 920. They tell Nokia what the demand will be, and how much stock they need to have to meet demand.

    Several posters here have spoken to CSRs and CSR management and have come with a pretty consistent story when it comes to supply. AT&T didn't anticipate this much initial demand for the colored units.

    The fact that the yellow and cyan were online-only from the start is telling. They didn't want to order a bunch of colorful phones and have them sit at stores or in the warehouse.

    They misread the market.

    I have no doubt that yellow was in very short supply to begin with. Then cyan. Next red.

    However, because of the extremely aggressive pricing, the in-store ads, and the newest AT&T mailer, I imagine that they did order quite a lot of black, and maybe white.
    11-18-2012 08:49 AM
  7. dalsmavsfan's Avatar
    I have the black waiting on the cyan still under 14 days.
    11-18-2012 08:50 AM
  8. jjMustang's Avatar
    Ordered the cyan 920 from the AT&T store 1 week ago today. Still in "processing" phase, although my micro SIM is "pending shipment."
    11-18-2012 09:55 AM
  9. knobturner75's Avatar
    Thank you Winning Guy. I guess I didn't think of it from that point. The only issue I have with what you said is AT&T has already experienced selling the cyan 900, which was supposed to be the most popular color. Unfortunately though, they still have cyan 900's for sale on their site, which also supports your statement of not wanting extra colorful stock on the shelves. At the same time, it also seemed like cyan was a late addition to the 920's color scheme, which could be part of the problem too
    11-18-2012 10:00 AM

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