1. rekkid's Avatar
    I'm currently an android user, and I'm bored/tired and looking to switch. I'm an average user, not big on apps and using the phone 24/7 online.

    My main concern is email/gmail and battery (which might be affected by email).

    ive read on the forums about some having problems with gmail. Sounds like it might be an issue with Skype and merged accounts... Or maybe something else? My concern is I have a ton of emails in my gmail.... Is that going to cause sync problems? I also have domains that use gmail, so basically multiple gmail accounts. And I'll need my work email which is an office365/exchange account. Will I have problems?

    those that are having problems... Do you have a ton of gmail (I'm talking 4-5 gigs) ?

    and with the batteries, I understand blocking and turning off as much as possible helps... No problem, I never use Bluetooth, or NFC. I only turn on GPS when needed for an occasional four square checkin. I probably won't use drive much, I work from home most of the the week :) I need to have real time or close to real time push email. Is that going to drain it having at least two accounts checked regularly? I'm also on the phone for at least 1-2 hours a day. Or if am out at Disney I'd like to get through the whole day of taking pics without shutting down early. I am currently on a Motorola atrix 2 and after the upgrade to ics, battery life is dreadful, and I'm really p*ssed about that... One of the reasons I'm looking forward to upgrading.

    These are my only real concerns... I'm a semi-professional photographer, and I'm really excited to see what the 920can do. I was a little worried when first reports came out about bad iq in daylight, but I've seen some great looking shots lately in the forums. I wonder if there was a bad batch, or region got some bad phones... There must be some common thread as to why there are some bad cameras out there.
    11-18-2012 07:42 PM
  2. socialcarpet's Avatar
    I can only speak for myself, but I haven't had any trouble with my two Gmail accounts and my battery lasts me well over 12 hours if I keep it in battery save mode and turn off location sharing. Even if I don't, it gets me through the day.
    11-18-2012 07:46 PM
  3. SteveISU's Avatar
    The thing that has me hesitating from picking one up is reading about all the lock ups and bricks, exchanges out the ying yang. Clearly there may be a WP8 issue that can be solved with a software update to stabilize the OS. I don't think from what I'm reading it's a hardware issue (could be wrong). Question is how fast is Nokia about fixing issues?
    11-18-2012 09:54 PM
  4. evilpinkeye's Avatar
    First time posting here but been using the Lumia since the first day. I have 3 email accounts setup on mine which include Hotmail, an IMAP account (personal domain), and gmail.
    I haven't had an issue at all with gmail crashing and it may be due to how I configured it, and that's by setting it up as an exchange account, which uses m.google.com as the server. There's word out there that Google may have a hand at rigging gmail to crash on WP thanks to their constantly changing API's.
    When it comes to Battery. I had a few concerns the first few days as it would be begging for a charge around 12pm, but that was with everything on. After two days of seeing some alarming battery discharge, I let it die completely before charging again to help the break-in process. Now I'm very happy with it as I unplug my phone at 7:30am and by 12:30am phone would be at 10-20%. and that's with everything still on and no battery save mode :)
    11-18-2012 09:55 PM
  5. brmiller1976's Avatar
    In general, the less Google you have on your device, the better the performance (and the greater your privacy). This is true not only for WP, but for any mobile OS.
    11-18-2012 09:57 PM
  6. evilpinkeye's Avatar
    I had the the phone wonk out on me too and that's when Nokia pushed out that Network+ update. It restarted my phone...then stayed at the Nokia logo. I got freaked out and just held the power button + volume down for like 10+ seconds... Bam, phone came back. I restarted it again after just to make sure and I haven't had an issue since.
    I say, since Nokia already sent out an update weeks after lunch, that's enough assurance for me that they are cooking up some fixes for us.
    11-18-2012 09:59 PM

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