1. ZoSo925's Avatar
    I'm trying to use this darn suite to xfer my contacts. Installed the App and it says my phone USB mode is not turned on. Where do I turn it on the phone?
    11-19-2012 04:52 PM
  2. joeaux's Avatar
    Uh, there is no USB mode. When you plug the phone into a PC it shows up as mass storage in Explorer. It doesn't seem to work quite right on my Macs though. But it's flawless on the PCs. What suite are you talking about?
    11-19-2012 06:49 PM
  3. ZoSo925's Avatar
    The Nokia Suite software, but it's all good now. I took phone to AT&T store and they synched my contacts for me.
    11-19-2012 08:46 PM

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