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    Hey guys! I found this link, where a german product manager is interviewed by a german journalists. I know most of you don't speak german, so I try to summarize the video.

    - one user asked about the differences between Nokia "Here" on iOS and Nokia Drive. The Nokia PM said it's that on HERE you have to pay for some contents, where on Nokia Drive it remains free for Nokia users

    - question #2 is about whether there is an advantage of having two windows 8 devices together with a Lumia 920. He answered it with features like Skydrive Sync, Office Sync and Smartglass

    - #3 is about the speed of the charging pillow. The PM says that it only has about 70-80% of the charging power of a normal charging cable.

    - #4 asks if there will be a cyan 920 in Germany. The PM cant answer that. He said that Nokia is considering more color options, but right now they cant tell anything. He goes on about polycarbonate, how durable it is and that the color wont come off the case.

    - #5 why didnt u take swappable covers for the 920 but a unibody design? he answered that it is mroe durable then. he says that the lumia 920 already won an international design award

    - #6 are the lumia 820 covers scratch resistant. he said yes, but they will offer certain "pro covers", which will be more durable (outdoor usage). the wireless charging plate is integrated into the covers

    - #7 why did u make the lumia 920 that thick? he said that they needed space for all that electronics, the ois, the 5 band lte module and so on. he says considering all the features they made it relatively thin. but they can imagine making thinner phones in the future.

    - #8 is it possible to use my german 920 in america so that i can use att or verizons lte? he says you have to see whether the sim is compatible or not. technically yes, but not an explicite answer

    - #9 do you plan making phones with hdmi in? he says they work without hdmi, cause w8 is built for wireless data. he says that they will be releasing a dlna app soon.

    - #10 so there will be an update for the lumias soon? maybe, but he cant tell a specific date. but it wont take long

    - #11 do you plan to offer a function where i can see my data used? he says that there is the feature called "data sense". the feature is not released yet, but they will release it soon.

    - #12 when will 7.8 be released? he cant tell, but it wont take too long. but he cant promise a release date

    - #13 does 7.8 offer three sizes if tiles? yes! and it will offer lenses and other stuff, too! it will be a very big update! he shows the cinemagraph and lenses at minute 28:00. he THINKS that cinemagraph will be part of 7.8 for nokia devices.

    - #14 he says that the hard switch to wp8 was necessary, because the new kernel share with w8 offers so much more than wp7.5

    - #15 why name it Lumia 920? and not Lumia 1000? He doesnt know, but says that it will be a line of devices (920, 930, 940 etc). its more a logical thing.

    - #16 a user discovered that picture quality at daylight is blurry. he asks for an update.. the pm says that they continuosly try to update the camera software, but he hasnt heard of bad camera quality at daylight (which doesnt mean that Nokia in Finland arent aware of it)

    - #17 a user complained about bluetooth connection with the lumia 920. the nokia pm cant say anything specific about that issue. he redirects him to the customer service

    - #18 a general question: are u constantly having parties at nokia because of all that success with the lumia 920? how is the mood? he said that they are really happy with all that feedback from the market. he said that it is important, because they worked so long for this release. they are really happy.

    That's it so far! Hope you enjoyed it. I was in a hurry, cause it is almost 2 am here and I gotta sleep. but i hope you understand everything.
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    11-20-2012 06:36 PM

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