1. RattleSnake506's Avatar
    I have a small doubt which you guys can clear for me.
    What is the Nokia Flagship color of the Lumia 920. You know, like the Lumia 900 flagship color was Cyan.
    Similarly.. what is the flagship color for the 920.. I have a feeling I read somewhere that it is Yellow.. Is it Yellow or Red...
    I tried searching everywhere, but can't find it.. can anyone let me know..
    11-20-2012 08:24 PM
  2. Hypetrak's Avatar
    Unofficially yellow I suppose.
    11-20-2012 08:26 PM
  3. bitseizure's Avatar
    Since yellow was shipped in such low quantities for the kick off, I'd guess that it isn't yellow...

    I'd vote for "invisible" given AT&T's and Best Buy's inability to plan for the demand...
    11-20-2012 08:48 PM
  4. erzhik's Avatar
    Yellow, mainly because yellow 920 was always front and center in most Nokia videos and Lumia 920 was unveiled in yellow.
    11-20-2012 08:50 PM
  5. eortizr's Avatar
    Yellow, the hardest color to find.
    11-20-2012 10:02 PM
  6. RattleSnake506's Avatar
    That's what I thought.. I even read it somewhere that the flagship is yellow.. but I can't find the link..Thanks for the info..
    11-20-2012 10:10 PM
  7. Talderon's Avatar
    I have my Yellow, and it's great! I bought it mainly because that was what was in the front, and I just LOVE that shade of yellow!!
    11-20-2012 10:28 PM
  8. fwaits's Avatar
    Yellow seems to be the color they show it off in most, but I'd almost say Red is stealing the show with people. I know I love my red 920...
    11-21-2012 03:03 AM
  9. mafu6's Avatar
    I thought it was the Grey one
    11-21-2012 07:23 AM
  10. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Yellow, the one I got in my first attempt bazinga!
    11-21-2012 07:30 AM

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