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    Here is the write up on it

    Windows Phone 8

    Price: $50 to $200 with contract
    Early reviews suggest smartphones powered by an overhauled Windows operating system may do better than a lot of people expect. "I'm a huge fan of Windows Phone because it has a different user interface. It's not the dreaded wall of icons," says Llamas, who manages mobile phone research at IDC.
    Instead of the app-centric approach found on Android phones and the iPhone, the Windows Phone 8 interface features information-rich tiles that serve as windows to your favorite websites, your email, digital content or whatever else you choose. The tiles are "live," meaning they'll regularly display social media site updates, news updates, new mail messages or fresh sports scores, depending on how you set them up.
    The Windows Phone 8 is a complete overhaul of the Windows 7 phone, offering faster processing power, high-definition screen capability and expandable memory. "Windows Phone 8 is absolutely worth using, especially if you enjoy a simpler, bolder interface," according to CNET. A Kid Corner lets you convert the phone over to a children's entertainment center that keeps the phone and the Internet off limits. Two popular models are the light and trim HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia (NOK) Lumia 920, which offers more features. Early reviews suggest the Windows Phone 8 might help Microsoft (MSFT) finally get seriously into the phone game.

    And here is the link to the page (Click to #7 on the images)
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