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    I am having the unfortunate occasion of repeating a 1:45 h:mm commute which I was lucky enough to abandon six weeks ago. As an IT consultant, I can be be assigned pretty much anywhere in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and I'm typically in the downtown core which leads to a 2+ hour door-to-door one-way commute from Guelph to Toronto. Do the twice a day and you're looking at 4+ hours of tethering and bandwidth.

    I was able to land a gig in Guelph this time around, saving me from this dreadful commute. Today I have a corporate meeting in T-dot so I am commuting once again. The last time around, I still had my old iPhone 3GS and the painful reception that came with it. But today I am tethered tp my Lumia 920 and I must say that the page refresh rate is bloody brilliant! Maybe even better than my n-router wi-fi at home!

    So bless this Nokia dual-core and bless the Rogers LTE network (never thought I'd see the day I'd use the words "bless" and "Rogers" in the same sentence)!

    Regrets over switching to WP8 and Nokia? Not for one moment!
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    11-21-2012 07:37 AM

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