09-25-2013 11:28 AM
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  1. Dramer77's Avatar
    Sorry, but lithium ion batteries don't have any memory characteristics. I never let my 900 get below 25-30% before topping it off, and usually have it connected to a USB portable charger when it hits around 40-50%. If anything, battery life is probably better than it was in April. But that's because AT&T recently boosted up the LTE network in the Orlando area. So now I am draining about 2% per hour/idle instead of 3.5-4%, with everything on. Full discharges won't have any immediate negative effect on your battery, but may shorten the overall life. So if you plan to keep the phone for 2-3 years, not a good idea. But if it makes some feel better, go ahead and and do it.
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    keep thinking that, people thing cause lithium battery's are not "suppose" to get a memory that your phone wont.. this has been tested and proven that they work better by discharging them fully and a full recharge..
    11-26-2012 11:01 AM
  2. goodsit2's Avatar
    I hate to be the stickler, but instead of just throwing around opinions, make them facts by backing them up with good citations. It means nothing to me when people just ramble about what they heard or read, but don't actually have the research that proves what they are saying.
    11-26-2012 11:07 AM
  3. Jani Anttonen's Avatar
    I was having really bad battery life with my Lumia 920 until today. I found out the IM+ app was prone to getting into some kind of loop, warming the top part of the phone up and draining the battery. Worst case scenario happened just yesterday as I left the Uni, been on the road for only 6 hours since last charge, and the battery was down to 50%. This was obviously bad for just sending couple of texts and checking the mail a few times.

    So, I continued to search for clues to this problem in the evening, and did a suggested drain of the battery to the point it wouldn't even show a boot screen, put it to charge, and I was greeted with 5 and a half days of charge left. The awesomeness didn't last long, as I opened IM+ and checked if I had any messages. Checked at the battery life again, and it was draining a % every minute or so. Uninstalled the app, and I'm starting today with 2 full days of estimated charge left. Not happy so far with the battery life, but I'm really satisfied with the phone and I hope today will make a difference.
    11-27-2012 04:20 AM
  4. abhishek8605's Avatar
    For the first three days, I was getting about 12-14 hours with average to heavy use, mostly tinkering with settings, homescreen customization, browsing, and chatting. I only drained the battery completely after the first charge cycle, and since then I have done a total of 4 charge cycles, recharing around the 10-15% mark.

    Last night I took the battery off the charger at 830pm, it is now 430 pm the next day and I'm at 13%. This is after my phone turned off by itself TWICE last night and I had to do a soft reset twice. I am satisfied.
    11-27-2012 04:23 AM
  5. arni99's Avatar
    100% charged at 8 a. m.
    Now its 2 p.m. an 96% remaining - estimated battery life 4 days 5 hours

    WIFI: off
    GPS: on
    NFC: off
    Mobile data speed: 2G (set as maximum speed)
    1 Mail account synced every 30min
    Background apps: Nokia Drive blocked

    Did some calls and webbrowsing in the train (about 20min) today.

    Always drain my battery to 0% until it dies and do a full charge since day 1 .
    First couple of days battery life was considerably worse...max. 8 hours.
    Did a soft reset and after 5-10 cycles it's great now.
    11-27-2012 07:57 AM
  6. boatsnbeaches's Avatar
    I'm getting about 2 days on average unless the random battery drain bites, then I get about 4 hours -- but in return I get a toasty 920 for heating my lunch :) It's only hit me a few times though.

    I get about 40-50 hours per charge on average

    I'm in an LTE market most of the time
    WiFi on
    BT on
    NFC off
    all the wifi 'advanced options' disabled
    weather tile updates
    FB/people hub
    3 mail accounts set for 'as items arrive'
    ..and a few other minimal apps,

    I average about 60-90 mins voice time per day and about 30 mins web. Besides the occasional "runaway battery drain" the battery life is excellent for my needs.
    11-27-2012 08:21 AM
  7. YeahMon360's Avatar
    I'm getting around 24 hours per charge with moderate use
    11-27-2012 08:32 AM
  8. superfox's Avatar
    I get 10 hours with moderate use.
    11-27-2012 09:47 AM
  9. Jani Anttonen's Avatar
    Could the issues be because of 4G somehow using a ton of battery even when not moving any data? Encountered a random battery drain today, as I left the campus with wifi and started using 4G for ten minutes or so, and instantly noticed a big drop in the battery life estimates. When I turned max connection speed to 2G(I'm now pretty sure 3G would've done the trick as well), I was thinking that it'd be drained before I get home, but when I took a look at it an hour later, the estimates had bumped back to normal, having 10 hours left on the battery with 40% charge. Pretty sure I was wrong with the assumption of IM+ draining all the juice. Could be both.
    11-27-2012 03:37 PM
  10. rickylago2's Avatar
    After 5-6 full cycles, I'm getting about 26 hrs on a charge. Which I am REALLY happy with. I have 3 email accounts continually pushing emails down. A lot of text+facebook messaging. Roughly 1.5 hours of phone calls in a day. Constant browsing and checking fantasy football. And the occasional xbox game.

    That first couple of days was definitely worth the wait.
    11-27-2012 04:59 PM
  11. arni99's Avatar
    31 hours in use and still 40% remaining.
    I use flight mode when I'm sleeping.
    WIFI: off
    data: 2G
    NFC: off
    GPS: on
    11-28-2012 09:09 AM
  12. Scrach's Avatar
    I don't mean to bring a topic back from the dead but i just drained my battery to 0% and i am charging it, once it is done i will see how well it performs :D here are what i use:
    Facebook chat
    don't really game meh
    texting frequently
    xbox smartglass on odd occasions

    All this without battery savers will run for a very short amount of time but with battery saver it adds around an hour (according to the battery saver menu)
    Anyway, i don't know but i should guess draining the battery before putting it on charge will help as it will be a 'fresh' battery life.
    12-26-2012 12:46 PM
  13. Venugopal Jakhotiya's Avatar
    Hi all
    I just installed the IM+ app a couple of days ago and the battery life became really worse. Did not realise it was the app that was creating the problem. I thought it was the portico update as I had just updated 3-4 days back. Gonna uninstall the app and see if it helps.
    Will update this post with more.
    12-26-2012 12:59 PM
  14. sleewok's Avatar
    I've had this phone since release. I have to say that the battery life has stabilized and it is AWESOME. I easily get 1 - 2 days out of the phone with moderate usage.

    Some statistics I have been tracking (gathered since release)

    • My current average time between charges is is about 22 hours.
    • My average hourly burn rate is -0.5 to 1.6%/hour.
    • Average run-time from full charge - 27 hours

    01-22-2013 07:01 AM
  15. alphonsohall's Avatar
    I get 2 days with light use.
    01-22-2013 08:41 AM
  16. craigy18181's Avatar
    Lumia 820, 18 hours heavy use. Just enough for me to charge it up when I go to bed.
    01-22-2013 08:50 AM
  17. realwarder's Avatar
    • My average hourly burn rate is -0.5 to 1.6%/hour.
    I'd take -0.5 any day! You've invented the self-charging phone!
    01-22-2013 09:42 AM
  18. Tafsern's Avatar
    I got 24 hours with a lot of use. My battery is great :) Compared to my Desire HD the HD is bad, really bad.
    Last edited by Tafsern; 01-23-2013 at 04:12 AM.
    01-22-2013 10:46 AM
  19. JeepGuy25's Avatar
    My 920 REALLY irritates me.

    I pull it off charge at 6am after being plugged in all night. I always have BT, GPS (location ?), WiFi, and Cellular turned ON. NFC, sensitive touch, and anything else is turned off. All background tasks disabled.

    Ill go a few days and have stellar battery performance. Like less than 3% an hour drop. Then...the next day, without changing ANY settings or downloading ANY apps, it will drop 10% an hour or more. Today...it was unplugged at 6, and by 9 had dropped to 70%. And I didnt touch it. And the back was warm. So I turned off as many services as I could when the battery reached 39%. I restarted the phone...now Im at 31%.

    For the record, my battery percentage NEVER goes UP when I restart. Its always less.

    I just dont understand this. I hate how these phones handle GPS. Even with nothing runnin in the background and most location services off, i still see the little dot light up frequently. I shouldnt have to turn off things like data or bluetooth just to get a good days life out of the phone. Thats ridiculous.

    I would LOVE to see functionality like Android has where I can see what is using battery. They have a list of things, along with how much of the drain is attributed to each function. Screen, standby, GPS, etc etc. My fear is that its a known issue...and its going to take forever to sort it out, if it ever does. The apps for WP are always unpolished it seems. Some people have zero issues...like the guy above that has 2x more stuff turned on and uses his phone WAY more than I do for streaming music and all...and he is getting awesome battery.

    Grr.... Tonight Im going to try the discharger app and let the phone drain. Put it on charge and turn all the services I want to leave on, on. And first thing in the morning restart the phone. And see if its better than today.
    01-22-2013 11:39 AM
  20. realwarder's Avatar
    I'd just like Microsoft or Nokia to acknowledge that they're aware of the problem and that it will be addressed in a future firmware update. Give us some hope...

    Of course the only way they'd not be aware is if they're not using the devices.
    SuperJMN likes this.
    01-22-2013 12:16 PM
  21. rareohs's Avatar
    No hard numbers, but man, the battery issue is killing me. I had a bunch of success initially uninstalling certain apps (like facebook) but then still had problems. I then conditioned the battery (full drain and recharge 3-4x) and again, initially it seemed fixed. But it's not.

    Woke up this am, took off charger at 6:30am at 100%. Read emails/surfed for 5 minuted. Idle while I got ready for work. Read on Kindle app for 20 minutes (kindle set to dark screen with white letters) and by 8:00 am already had dropped to 80%.

    It's not even 10am, and with minimal use - a couple of texts, maybe < 5 min internet, it's now at 63%.

    bluetooth, NFC, wireless, etc OFF. the only apps allowed for background are battery level, cnn, weatherflow and wpcentral. that's it.

    And count me as one of the folks who think that it's not an acceptable solution to basically cripple your phone by turning everything off or uninstalling your favorite apps in order to get a day's use out of the thing. that's ridiculous. I didn't get a flagship phone to not use it's features. I mean really? Turning off location?? Uninstalling nokia drive?! WTF.

    sigh. So frustrated. if i thought there was a chance in **** best buy would let me swap this out for an iphone 5 i'd have to consider it. which is a huge bummer, because i LOVE the phone - the screen, the OS, so many things are so fanstastic... but so many achilles heels, as well.
    01-22-2013 12:56 PM
  22. machater82's Avatar
    I have been getting decent battery life up until today actually. I have been using it like I normally do at work and I'm already down to 20%. Usually I get out of work at 5pm and have 60-60% battery left. Today for some reason something is draining my battery hard. I have all that stuff off and no background tasks. The funny thing is that the same thing happened to my dad today with his 920. He only has 16% left and been using it like he normally does.

    Anyone else seeing odd draining today?
    01-22-2013 02:08 PM
  23. uselessrobot's Avatar
    39 hours since my last charge and the battery is at 52%.

    Usage consists of some text messaging, reading emails, browsing apps, a couple of short calls, 1-2 hours of gaming and some other miscellaneous stuff. I wouldn't go as far as to claim moderate use, but pretty normal for a work day.

    There is definitely considerable drain when gaming, but that's pretty much a universal problem amongst all devices. The odd thing is that some graphically intensive games are less of a hog than others. Crimson Dragon and Dredd vs Zombies are both pretty good. Doom & Destiny is bad; Where's My Water is terrible.

    I'd say battery life has been consistently good except for a few hiccups. I suspect Doom & Destiny was the culprit behind excessive battery drain, probably due to all the crashing. That required a restart to address the problem. Although, I haven't tried the game again to confirm if it was the cause.

    The second instance was when I set down the phone after getting home from work. I returned a few hours later to find it totally dead. So dead it wouldn't even start up when I first plugged it in. The problem is that I don't know where the battery was when I put it down. However, if it had been low I would have noted it, so I want to say it was at about half charge.

    Heavier usage has generally netted me a day's charge. I might be at 20% when I plug it in. I'd leave it for the next morning, but I don't have the confidence it will last through the night. Beyond that, it's pretty consistent with the experience friends have had with their phones; this includes Android, iPhone and Blackberry.
    01-22-2013 02:33 PM
  24. Xellsama's Avatar
    I'm beginning to think it might not be just individual incidents, but rather caused by certain carriers or networks.

    For example, like one person mentioned above, both his and his dad's 920's power is draining fast today, so is mine. On other days, I've noticed whenever I have a bad battery day, I would notice similar complaints online. I use AT&T network in NYC, maybe this has something to do with it?

    I've also noticed that my phone would randomly send large chunks of data to AT&T when I'm not using the phone. By random, I mean when I log into my ATT account to check data usage, I can trace just about every single one of them if I keep my usage simple, but a few of the data transfer amount would be larger than 20MB, which makes no sense when all I did was sending texts. And those seem to be all labeled as sent out from my phone, rather than receiving. I would think if my phone is randomly sending out data throughout the day, that would be wasting some battery (not to mention bandwidth).

    These are just some thoughts. Normally my phone goes about 11~12 hrs with moderate usage (gaming, browsing, call, text).
    01-22-2013 03:30 PM
  25. wjlim3's Avatar
    I tend to agree with Xellsama....i think networks does cause a lot of battery drain, sometimes even though the phone shows full bar for connection. I noticed this especially when I am at work. The full bars doesn't mean much because the phone can still be searching for the best network to connect to and switch constantly from full bar ones to 1-2 bar ones, resulting in the phone getting warm.
    01-22-2013 05:35 PM
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