1. mercurydude's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I got my white Nokia Lumia 920 on Tuesday, the batter life was draining fast even after disabling NFC, other back ground apps like Nokia Drive, Bluetooth etc.
    I did a hard reset and it slightly improved the batter life. The phone froze while I was using it through bluetooth headset, and I was still not satisfied with the battery,
    it only gave me 4-6 hours of usage per charge. I did a second hard reset and now the screen is struck with just "NOKIA" on it.

    I am still in the 14 days warranty period, Please advice if this can be fixed or I have to exchange this for a new phone ?
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    11-25-2012 06:50 AM
  2. sheldon h's Avatar
    Exchange it, or read the sticky thread in this forum about "bricked" 920's
    11-25-2012 07:07 AM
  3. mercurydude's Avatar
    Exchange it, or read the sticky thread in this forum about "bricked" 920's
    Thank you. I will try to exchange the phone.
    11-25-2012 07:35 AM
  4. the_coolestnerd's Avatar
    The brick fix works great
    11-25-2012 08:52 AM

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