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    Seems to be a more reasonably allocation of data for the price. If I can get 12 month SIM free plan for around 15 then I'm in.

    UK 4G carrier EE has quietly tweaked its mobile broadband plans, increasing the amount of data subscribers get per month by as much as 3GB. The new plans which are also joined by a monthly rolling plan for those contract-averse stick at the same price points as before, beginning at 15.99 on the 18-month agreement, but now offer a choice of 3GB, 5GB, or 8GB of LTE data.
    The 15.99 plan, which previously came with 2GB of LTE data, now comes with 3GB, whereas the 20.99 plan gets 5GB rather than 3GB as before. Finally, the most expensive mobile broadband package, at 25.99 per month, climbs from 5GB to 8GB. Those prices also include some degree of subsidy on either a USB modem or a mobile WiFi hotspot.
    Meanwhile, the monthly rolling plan is a new mobile data introduction, offering the freedom of no minimum contract term. Offered SIM-only for 15.99 per month for 5GB of data, theres also a 12.99/1GB option including a modem.
    At time of writing, theres no mention of the SIM-only data plans on EEs site, though the webstore has been updated with the new contract data allowances. Those already subscribed to a plan will automatically have their allotments increased, EE says.
    EE bumps LTE mobile broadband data by up to 3GB a month - SlashGear
    11-27-2012 07:35 AM

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