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    When the L920 first became available in my area on 11-9-12 I went to my local AT&T company owned store for upgrading. My phone, Nokia Cyan L900, purchased April 2012 but not upgrade eligible until Nov 2013; however, my wife's HTC Surround WP7.x was eligible for upgrade. AT&T allows cross upgrading from one line to another so I used her eligible upgrade for my L920 Red. I purchased the phone for $99.99 + $36 activation w/charging pad. It only took a few days to receive the charging pad. Then comes the AT&T Black Friday promotion on the phone for $49.99. When I called the company store they said they didn't know anything about the promo so I called my AT&T online rep who promptly applied a $50+tax credit to my account which was posted 1 day later. Man was I happy and so was my wife when she got my 900 to replace her HTC Surround...until I let her use my 920 a few times. Now she wants the L920 Red. Damn honey I just used your upgrade!

    If you knew my wife you'd know she doesn't take NO very well! Solution...I thought...check on the possibility of using the third line which is not a smartphone that my sister uses on our family plan. After calling AT&T they advised I could use her eligible upgrade line even though it's not a smartphone for my wife's smartphone line upgrade. Back to the company store for a new L920 Red. When we start the upgrade process they notice the 3rd line upgrade eligibility isn't until 12-1-12 so they advise I come back a few days later for the upgrade at $99.99 + $36 activation w/charging pad...they didn't have a red L920, anyway....no big deal...except to the wife who says just give her the L920 and take the L900...not going to happen!

    The story continues...I call AT&T about the waiting thingy and she said it was close enough and could process my order online but they were out of the L920 Red. I decided to wait. Now WalMart steps up with a new online only promo...L920 for $69.99 + $36 activation w/ $100 ecard...in Red! This is looking better than I could ever imagine until I decided to place the order. WalMart tells me they have an agreement with AT&T that does not allow cross-line upgrades...Just damn! The couch is beginning to look more an option to settle for than the ice cube laying in my bed!

    Back to AT&T online to see if I can just order the damn phone and wait for the Red's availability for shipment. Low and behold my CSR says the Red in back in stock and available immediately so I jump for it. Now I'm just casually talking to the CSR and I bring up the WalMart online promo when she says let me talk to my super to see what we might do for you. Ok, bottom-lining this long story...L920 Red...FREE, activation WAVED wo/charging pad, and I am supposed to receive the phone by Friday! Glory to God there is an AT&T angel after all! Now after I get the phone I'll just call my online rep to get him to send me the charging pad as long as they still have them. All will just be great as long as my sister doesn't want to upgrade her phone in the next 2 yrs...I'm already working on a lie just in case...
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    11-27-2012 01:11 PM
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    man, i wish i had your luck, i made a mistake thinking my contract ended this month only to find out it won't be done until next nov, worst thing of all is that they wanted to charge me 400 dollars if i try to upgrade to L920 because im on a family plan =..=, might as well buy it out, but i have to save for a reception next year... i can only drool at you guys this go around, hope by the time my contract ends Nokia comes out with something even more amazing :P
    11-27-2012 01:55 PM
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    Yep... we've been cross upgrading for awhile now. We have 4 lines but only 3 are actively used. And it's staggered enough that everyone can get an upgrade every year.

    It started that my son saved up money to buy an iphone off contract because he was in the middle of his contract... and at the time it was $300. The guy at the store stated "if you dont mind a contract... get another line, it's only $10 a month, for 2 years. You'll end up paying less and you'll have an extra line for upgrades." They setup the account, then just setup the iphone under his line. 6 months later my wife was able to upgrade her off-contract 3gs to a 4s using my son's upgrade.

    I have my L920 on order, waiting for shipment from amazon, upgraded a different line... when it comes in, I just need to go to an ATT store, get a micro sim for my line, and I'll be all set.

    They dont mind what line uses what phone... they just want to lock that line in for another 24 months.
    11-27-2012 04:08 PM
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    My experience with AT&T store reps is hit or miss, but dealing with the people on the phone has been pretty good. So I had recently return my Lumia 920 from the MS store when I thought I could get the headset offer. After trying unsuccessfully to order it online off-contract, I called customer support and they were ready to take the order for me. Ended up getting the phone off-contract (only red though, after having black and cyan before, but I was willing to take red) with the charger and an additional $40 credit to my account. Now the next step for me is to go to the MS store and use the $25 voucher on the purity in-ear headset =)
    11-27-2012 04:44 PM
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    Epic win!!!!!!!!
    11-27-2012 04:54 PM

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