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    1st way :

    1) settings
    2) Applications
    3) backgrounds tasks
    4) block everything u dont need
    5) open advanced
    6) check the apps that working on your phone
    7) try to Uninstall the apps that u dont use

    2nd way :

    1) open settings
    2) battery saver
    3) make the battery saver ON
    4) open advanced
    5) pick Now until Next charge or Always

    now u turned off the apps that running without u open it
    if u want to update an app like the Weather, u can just open it then close, it will be updated

    The scnd way affected me very much, battery now 43%
    last time charged before 20 hours
    I used Youtube,Store,photos and twitter and like everyday usage like FB

    Also close Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and NFC

    Good Luck and am waiting for u all ;D

    Now no battery problem for me
    11-27-2012 11:48 PM

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