1. karnka's Avatar
    Been trying to get a SIM free red 920 from P4U and have been failing. Finally decided to give up and order one from Clove tonight and it appears they ran out during the day.

    This may end up the last straw. Damn you Nokia why are your logistics so appalling? Do you not want my money? :-(
    11-28-2012 05:02 PM
  2. luckylifo's Avatar
    I think unlocked-mobiles.com are getting some 920s soon. And they should announce that/accept pre-orders from this Monday.

    Here's what their email read:


    Thank you for your email.

    Please sign up to the stock alert and you will be emailed as soon as more
    stock comes in.

    We will provide an update on Monday to stock alert customers. Our next
    delivery is expected to sell out quickly.


    11-28-2012 08:47 PM
  3. pjs37's Avatar
    Well given how quick sales outpaced their last attempt I think it's safe to say they were probably caught off guard. Plus they don't want a situation where the phones are being sold for $.99 after two months because the carriers cannot move them.
    11-28-2012 08:50 PM

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