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    My red Lumia 920 arrived on Tuesday. received through the mail from Phones4U in the UK, on the Orange network (3G only)

    As of now, my SIM still hasn't been transferred, so All impressions are based on Wi-Fi/offline usage only.

    The phone is connected to the network, I just can't make any calls/texts, so the radio is still active, and is showing the signal level.

    I have been at work, so haven't really played with my Lumia throughout the day much, but I'm still very impressed with the battery life.

    yesterday, I had everything I wouldn't regularly use switched off (Bluetooth/NFC/location), had battery saver switched on (when battery low only), brightness switched to auto, and had the defaults for email/facebook notifications and everything else that syncs (just checked, and email default is 30 minutes, facebook appears to be push)

    With these settings, and very light use (30 minutes web browsing on wi-fi and not much else), between unplugging at 06:00 and returning home from work at about 18:00 the battery had dropped all the way to 97%. I then decided to try and push it, so turned Nokia music on, and turned everything else on, I cold still only get to about 50% before I went to bed at 23:00.
    so today, I decided to try leaving everything on, still haven't used it much, because I'm still not connected, but the battery was 94% when I got home today.

    I'm really happy with this battery level, my Nexus S is currently sitting on 36%, and has not been used much more than the Lumia today, maybe an additional 30 minutes of web browsing over 3G.

    There are a few apps missing that I used on Android, but nothing that particularly worries me (mostly some fun little games I used to kill 5 minutes with when I was bored)

    The camera is awesome, and I love playing with the cinemagraph, also enjoy waving my phone around when shooting video, to see the effect of the OIS.

    Everyone I've shown it to loves the look of the phone and the OS, and I have no apparent issues with build quality/vibration/audio quality or any of the other reported issues with this phone.

    In summary, It's my first Nokia in a long time (6110 Navigator), and boy am I glad I came back! My wife thinks I love my Lumia more than I love her! I shall refrain from answering that question directly

    I wanted to post something positive, so the casual observer checking out the forums before deciding whether to buy this phone might get a slightly more balanced view.
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    11-29-2012 01:13 PM

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