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    Hey folks, so I got 5 days left to return my Lumis 920 no questions asked... If you're asking why I want to return it is because of very poor antenna placement from Rogers that resulted in me having one bar of EDGE network at home and 2 bar or 3G (oh my the speed) at work... I know it's Rogers since all my colleagues have full 4 bars of LTE in the building from Telus or Bell so that's that.

    I got a sweet deal with telus that I could sign up for but I would need to unlock the 920 (from Rogers). The thing is the unlocking dept says I got to wait for 30 after date of purchase days (conveniently past my return date...)

    Is it BS, the rep was not moved when I told him I could unlock it on the net for way cheaper... (Totally bluffing here, no site has been able to get me a code)

    So my other option would be to just return it, forget about th 920 and just go with bell with an HTC 8x for 0$ 3 yr contract and haggle them to match the Telus offer.

    I can't get over the feeling that the 8x is just an inferior product... I have yet to be convinced otherwise. The only thing that would sway me is if someone could confirm that an unlocked 8x can do internet sharing with no problems...

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
    11-29-2012 07:01 PM
  2. anon(5399450)'s Avatar
    Rogers does not do the "antenna placement" on the device. I have a similar problem as you (carrier signal spotty and unreliable), but in a thread today I read something in this thread http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...ted-again.html . Apparently someone on Rogers in Montreal had their signal issue fixed with the latest update of extras+info. I have yet to confirm this for myself as I am unable to get the update, but just know that you are not the only one with the problem.
    11-29-2012 07:29 PM
  3. Rancorbeast's Avatar
    Wow you're making me doubt my connection problems... but then again if I think about it rationally, I get one bar of 3g on the sixth floor where I work and I get a solid 4 bars of LTE on the 8th floor where I DON'T work :(

    The antenna is hidden behind a fairly large and thick building and once I get line of sight with the cell tower I get rock solid signal. At home I get one bar of EDGE !!! I looked up where the nearest Rogers cell tower was by looking here :Cell Tower / Cell Site Map Finder (Canada) and it's like 2 km away but when you factor in topography, it's 70 meters below me!! Guess they forgot about that !

    Anyway, I believe that I may be one of the lucky ones with an unlocked 920 (batch # 44/2012), I'll swing by Telus and get a Sim card to try it out, if I'm unlocked, I'll test the signal strength and report back :)
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    11-29-2012 07:45 PM

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