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    Got my Lumia 920 on 11/14. Really did not have any issues but it locked up the first night I had it and read on the forums about the several folks having issues with some of the apps. I uninstalled and re installed Drive Beta and downloaded a map and have been fine ever since. Now for the past 3 days it's locked up once a day and I have to do the Volume/Power combo to bring it back to life.

    Each time has been when the phone is on standby and not on the charger. The first 2 times I was at work and the phone just sitting on my desk. This Morning it happened on the way to work. I checked my email at home and the phone stayed in my pocket for the drive to work and it locked up within that time. It's funny that now this is happening after these last round of updates.

    So for now I've uninstalled the Map I had downloaded and Removed Nokia Drive to see if that remedies the issue and I will report back.

    Skype is still installed and I do not have WWF and I am pretty light on other apps.

    I'll post more results as they come in.
    11-30-2012 07:40 AM
  2. robertre's Avatar
    My 920 froze about once a day and then one day it froze multiple times, mostly when playing WWF. I turned off a lot of background applications at one point to improve battery life. I do not know what made the difference, but it has been rock solid (short of WWF several times crashing, but not locking up the phone) for about a week and a half now. At least for my phone, I believe it is OS or app related, and if so, such issues should be fixed with OS or app updates. I have maps and drive installed, but have background tasks blocked for most of my apps. Microsoft will be coming out with an update in December to address reboots. I do not know if that will affect freezes or not. I am going to be patient and see what happens. When it did freeze, it only took a quick soft reboot to get it back up, so it was no big deal. If the problem comes back and updates do not address it, I figure I have a year warranty anyway. loving my 920!
    11-30-2012 09:33 AM

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