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    Here is my problem, I know quite a lot of people had to flash their device so maybe someone can relate to this. Otherwise you might have the same problem even if you didn't flash it.

    Very simply, I can't access any Nokia apps, not even such thing as Creative Studio. I don't see them in the market place and when I use a QR code that leads me to the app, it says that I can't download it due to my software version or my location. Here are some clues:

    I live in Belgium, bought a simlock free device in Germany. The L920 will be available here only mid-january.

    I've never seen any updates such as Extras+infos even before flashing, but I was able to find Nokia apps (maps, drive, creative studio...) and download/update them manually.

    I'm not sure about the firmwire I used (rm-821_eu_euro2_248 specified as white german unlocked). As the phone was bricked, I couldn't check the original version. Nonetheless everything seems to be fine, but Wifi. Strange case, Wifi has been working fine since the reinstallation and stopped working today. It says it's connected, five bars, yet I can't access the internet. Maybe some issue with my Macbook Pro which I use as an access point, not necessarily something with the phone, but I mention it so you know the whole situation.

    Thus, could a "wrong" firmwire lead to this absence of Nokia services? I mention the usual Nokia maps, drive and city lens are natively installed, thus I obviously can run them, yet in the marketplace I'm not allow to download them ("unavailable on your device").

    I'd be very thankful if you could help me.

    12-02-2012 10:08 AM

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