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    OK, I'm the one who couldn't wait any longer and bought a Note 2 one month ago. I initially wanted to switch back to 920 asap. But it's frustrating to see those unlocked 920s are still so expensive, well over $700 or even close to $800 at those online stores in US. I got my Note 2 for $590 from Newegg, and I really can't see how 920 could be a phone priced so much more than Note 2. It's very frustrating and I'm forced to wait longer. It could be a good thing though, since it appears that Nokia needs time to iron out some bugs on 920 too, especially the day light photo quality? I really hope in three months or so the 920 will become reasonably priced to below $600 and matured in terms of bug fixing etc.

    Just some comments on the phone size. Although I'm now really getting used to Note 2's giant size and truly appreciate how nice its big gorgeous screen is for everyday use, I have to admit that the damn thing definitely feels more like a mini tablet other than a phone. After using Note 2 for a few weeks, I grabbed my wife's Google Nexus phone and boy that feels so right to like a *phone*. I believe that screens around 4.5" are the perfect for a smart phone: big enough for comfortable reading but still fits well for single-hand operation. Note 2 requires two hands to operate. Well, I think I just nailed the line between a phone and a tablet: if you can operate it with one hand, it's a phone regardless how big and bulky it is; if you must use it with two hands, it's a tablet regardless how small and thin it is...
    12-02-2012 07:48 PM

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