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    Thought those of us in the UK might like to know that it took a lot of effort and visits to different shops, but I finally found an EE store that was willing to sell me a wireless charging plate for 39.99

    It's actually the second store I've been offered one (last week was too long before I get the phone!), but a lot of stores just refuse to. But it IS possible and it went through the till smooth as a knife through butter. Out of true irony, the EE store that sold me the charger was all of two units down Oxford Street from another store that flat out refused unless I bought the phone too....oh, how brilliant their internal communications are :(

    If you're looking for a charging plate:
    O2 - the staff at Westfield Stratford City very kindly tried to sell me one but their till system wasn't having it (only allowed as part of a bundle with an 820)
    Carphone Warehouse - depends which store you try, out of 5 shops in London 2 said they would have sold one for 44.99 or 49.99 but didn't have any in stock. They'll tell you to go online (they don't stock them online).
    EE - it depends really who you talk to, I generally find the ex-T-mobile stores to be most accommodating. 39.99 is the price if you can convince them to sell you one.
    Phones4U - just don't stock them. They'll tell you to go online or to Carphone Warehouse.
    Clove.co.uk sadly still don't have a release date Nokia Lumia 820/920 Wireless Charging Plate - White
    Expansys had 13 in stock in white when I last looked at 54.99, black due on 16/12/12, potentially just over a week for the other colours Nokia Wireless Charging Plate for Lumia 820/920 (White) - Expansys.com UK

    Now I just have to wait for the phone to arrive...
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    I got two in the EE store in Worcester when Carphone Ware and Phones 4 u wouldnt sell any. Want a charging stand and none anywhere
    12-03-2012 04:25 PM

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