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    This is something I've noticed with my camera, and that is that anytime there are flourescent white lights in the picture, they come out over exaggerated to say the least. Granted, I am shooting on auto, but I'm wondering what I can do to address this...




    1st Picture: Default Settings, no focus assist. You can see the lights around the store are rather extreme. Go to any best buy store, and you know they are much dimmer and more controlled than that.

    2nd Picture: This was taken with Night Shot. You can see a light glare in the window, and the other lights are exaggerated as well.

    3rd Picture: The "roof" is meant to be a see through so you can look at the sky. For whatever reason, the camera deemed it as an extreme source of light, and thus, the sky is whited out.


    Edit: For the record, a pic I deleted, I took with both my 920 and my sister's 4s. The 4s had no where near a glare as the 920 did.
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    Funny you mention this, you might want to have a look at thread I created yesterday: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...mia-920-a.html

    I noticed, that Lumia gives too bright pictures in indoor lighting/night time street lighting conditions.
    The only way you can address this is to play with the camera settings, by lowering the ISO and Exposure levels.

    I have described this a bit in the mentioned thread and gave some picture examples.

    Good luck with your experiments :)
    12-06-2012 01:53 AM
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    For pic 1 i would say lower EV value and use flash.
    For pic 2 you just need to move that the bright street light won't come in to your pic. And don't shoot with night mode unless there is barely no light at all.
    For pic 3 there is really nothing much to do unless you can bring studio lights in to that room to tackle that natural sunlight coming from that roof window. It is impossible to shoot againts bright light sources without getting rest of a pic coming out dark.

    I think no camera can beat human eye.
    12-06-2012 04:41 AM

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