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    I have been fighting the battery life issues and finally decided to reset my phone to factory settings. I let it run hoping the process would finish but it never did and the battery drained even though it was plugged in. None of the secondary processes will work (up,down,power,down and can't get the "!" screen to come up). No matter how much it's plugged in or put on the charge plate the battery will not charge- you get the battery dead screen when you first plug it in. I could not get the rescue method for the bricked phone thats posted on this forum to work either.

    So I'm down to getting the phone replaced. Both Nokia and AT&T will do this for me. Anyone have any reason/experience to think that one will better than the other? AT&T has the plus they will ship me a refurb immediately and I ship the old one back. Nokia wants the old phone to evaluate first, so it will take significantly longer, but I'd rather do what's best in the long run.

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