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    Having perused the threads here ad nauseam I was worried that Id be the recipient of a bad 920--you know: one with a clicking top bezel or one that would allow dust to creep into the FFC or one with a bad battery or one that rebooted, and so on.

    Im happy to say that I am a proud owner of a Lumia that doesnt exhibit any of those qualities, and that Im very, very content with it.

    There are some threads where 900 owners are making the choice to stick with the 900 instead of changing to the 920, particularly since 7.8 will be coming out shortly (allegedly). Having operated both (Ive had a 900 since the week it came out), my opinion is that *overall* the two are very unlike and once you use the 920 you wont want to deal with the 900.

    A few comparison points:

    -The size and higher resolution screen on the 920 are greatthe Live Tiles are huge and really pop. That said, the blacks are blacker and the whites are whiter on my 900.

    -Camerathe 920 does take very good pictures, but I have to say my 900 definitely takes *sharper* pictures across the board. The 920 definitely is a bit soft. I can live it, considering how much better low-light and video capabilities are.

    -You can really notice the difference in CPUs. The 920 is noticeable faster and smoother.

    -The build quality/feel of the 920 is much better than the 900. The buttons are nicer. The curved glass is nicer. The SIM door is nicer (not crooked and sticking out). The camera bezel is nicer. That said, I prefer the shape of the 900 which provides an illusion of its being thinner.

    -Battery life on the 920 is very, very strong. It kills the 900 in this regard. Right now Im at 66%, off the charger for 8 hours and having made 2 hours of calls, web browsing and using three e-mail accounts (two with push).

    -Call quality is better on my 920 for sure.

    -Audio quality/playback is better on the 920.

    -WM8 features are very nice. I particularly like: backup, sizable tiles, adjustable screen fonts (finally).

    So, if youre a 900 user, move on up! You wont be disappointed in your investment.
    12-07-2012 03:58 PM

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