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    Update: Got replacement phone yesterday form AT&T, so far have seen a noticeable improvement in batter life. After initial factory reset, charge/drain of battery I have gone from an average of 15 hours of stand by time, to approx 3 days (see screen shot).

    Do not know how this will play out with normal to moderate use, and still need to test battery drain while using Nokia Drive+/Navigon....but so far I am very pleased with my decision to get a replacement, as something was definitely wrong with the battery on my previous L920.

    Note after doing factory reset on defective device to prep it for shipping, it BRICKED! - don't know if this is just a coincidence or final evidence of device malfunction... :-]


    Purchased my Nokia L920 from local AT&T Store on 15-Nov-12 and have had some persistent battery issues from day 1.

    - Extreme Battery Drain: during phone calls and using GPS apps (Drive Beta/ Navigon)
    - Hot Battery: during (see above)
    - Phone not retaining charge while plugged in to car/wall charger during (see above)

    Attempted to resolve with factory re-set, restricting programs from running in the background, soft reset, and had only limited improvement.

    AT&T to their credit were more than accommodating about the warranty swap request, and I should be getting a replacement handset in 4-7 business days. Customer service rep suggested my battery issues may be related to a yet unreleased needed firmware fix...hopefully my new handset will have an updated version of the firmware pre-loaded on it...

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    I'm glad AT&T were able to help with this. Most carriers do have a "warranty policy" which will cover your device, should the problem not be a result of something the user did i.e. Drop it, run it over, etc. I know T-Mo has been more than helpful with me on my previous device. The issues were very minor, but all I really had to was just talk to them. I work for Sprint, and come across such issues quite often. Its a good thing to know.

    Happy for you. Good luck on your 920. I'm on an 8X.

    Happy Holidays!!!
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    12-08-2012 01:05 PM
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    Yes, so glad the warranty exchanges are available "just in case" something is not right....

    Thanks -- Happy Holidays & Prosperous New Year to You! :)
    12-08-2012 01:35 PM
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    12-16-2012 11:08 AM
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    Glad your new phone seems to be working out better for you. I did notice a similar issue on my HTC, then let it drain all down, then charged back up. Seems ok for now.
    12-16-2012 11:12 AM

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