12-13-2012 12:49 AM
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    Hm, yes, of course that was it. Thanks, and thanks again! I saw only one FB app and concluded it should be enough to enter my credentials there.
    So there seems to a build-in client for chat only, as far as I understand, and a standalone app (from MS as well) for all other FB features. I wonder how they cooperate, or if they work independently in parallel.

    Regarding other remarks: It seems that some 920 owners feel offended if someone lists some issues. I think this forum would be quite boring if people come here only to praise their devices! It would be helpful to get hints for workarounds or correct if I am wrong, like with my FB problem.

    I just came across another problem, namely tunein Internet radio. It works very poorly on my 920, playing only fragments of the stream, while the tunein based client on my infamous N9 plays flawlessly. This is an important feature. I wonder what's the cause. Maybe a too small buffer? Or is this app in some way incompatible with WP8? Internet is not very reliable here, but obviously other clients can cope with it. Does anyone have a recommendation for another client?
    There is a lot more to the Facebook integration than just sharing pictures. You obviously have not even touched your phone. One of the biggest features with Windows Phone is the social integration. I have my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Live account etc all set up on my phone. If you do that, then click on the People hub and all your contacts from each network are in your contact list. Most of them will automatically link if its the same person. So if I click on "Bob Jones" profile, I see his Name, company info, phone, any emails, and links to post on his Facebook straight from the phone OS. It doesn't open up the Facebook app because its all integrated already.

    Also from the People hub, if you swipe from the right you will see a running feed from your Facebook and Twitter contacts. All if which you can comment, like, retweet, etc. All of which WITHOUT opening their apps.

    If you click on yourself from the people hub you can post to your Facebook, LinkenIn, or Twitter account. And all my Facebook events show up on my Windows Phone calendar fully integrated.

    I could go on and on...

    The reason people are getting defensive is because you come on here complaining about "issues" when in fact most of them are done BETTER on Windows Phone.

    My 62 year old mother seems to be able to navigate a Windows Phone better than you. Nothing personal, but almost can't believe you have one since you're missing such key features. The asks for all your accounts when you first start it up.
    12-13-2012 12:49 AM
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