1. Patrick Flynn's Avatar
    Very strange. When I take the phone away from my ear to hang up a call, the screen does not come back on - almost as though the sensor does not recognize that I have removed it from my ear. Pressing the power button will flash the screen on very briefly, but the whole phone stays locked up for about 10-20 seconds and then seems to realise the call has stopped.
    12-10-2012 04:35 AM
  2. spampy2's Avatar
    Its now happening to me as well! Not sure but it maybe the Extras + thats keeps getting updated by Nokia. It hasnt happened to me till past few days, Very frustrating!
    12-13-2012 09:49 AM
  3. Sinabu's Avatar
    Check and make if you have a case it's not obstructing the proxiemty sensor (Just above the "N" in Nokia)
    Make sure that area is clean of smudges some has also tried using Canned Air to blow out the dust in the FFC. possibly some dust getting behind the glass on the sensor.

    If that doesn't resolve it try a reset of the phone and if it continues Maybe seek a replacement device.
    12-13-2012 11:08 AM
  4. lumia011's Avatar
    ...same thing started to happen to my 920 just this morning.....
    sensor is clear...yeah, yesterday i updated "nokia extras".....
    12-13-2012 11:53 AM
  5. lumia011's Avatar
    ....it looks like it is a "sensor" thing (maybe coupled with other things or triggered by as well)....i just rubbed the sensor with my finger and the screen magically showed up
    12-13-2012 12:01 PM
  6. milenmar's Avatar
    Mine too - this happened a day or two ago for me too - I reckon it's definitely after an update as it was fine before - cleaned my sensor, still doing it - it's not that.... my new lumia is immaculate too

    wonder if I can roll back the updates to prove this

    needs to be sorted quickly, very annoying, especially when you're roaming and it's pricey to have a call going
    12-13-2012 02:00 PM
  7. ttsoldier's Avatar
    This problem was happening before the extras and info updates.
    12-13-2012 02:13 PM
  8. John Ballard's Avatar
    This has been happening to me for the last 3 weeks, started not too long after I got my yellow 920. Nokia chat rep told me that Nokia and Microsoft know about it. AT&T said they'd replace my phone with a "like new" device which didn't fill me with confidence. They couldn't tell me if the problem would go away, the replacement could well be for nothing. Called Nokia back, they wouldn't tell me ANYTHING and said they wanted me to send them the phone and get AT&T to give me a "loaner." Total crappy experience. 920 is literally the most amazing phone ever, but also a buggy piece of cr@p in many ways...I hope they get their act together before winking out of existence.
    12-14-2012 01:33 PM
  9. jwaisanen's Avatar
    Same here - screen stays black and "frozen" for a bit when I take the phone away from my ear to hang up. Comes back, but only after several seconds of confusion.

    Very frustrating, and it's only been going on for a week or so, so I think it must be related to an update.
    12-14-2012 02:37 PM
  10. Trezhan's Avatar
    Have the same problem. Its really ******* me and other people when I call them and they dont answer. I cannot hang up so I leave a extremely long message. Hope there is a fix for this.
    12-22-2012 06:38 PM
  11. 1nternetz's Avatar
    I have the same problem since day 1. I did also get an OTA update that did not solve this. I'll take my phone back to Rogers.
    01-05-2013 11:58 AM

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