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    So, I'm looking for a Cyan 920 on Best Buy and I decide to read the reviews (overwhelmingly 5 star, as is on every other store front that sells this device). I get to this one and I found it significant insofar as those who might worry that Apple, or Android will always outsell Winphone8. Perhaps the dream of an MS dominated phone market is a windsong, maybe not. Like Hadrian said, "Look, Rome wasn't built in a day but brick by brick". Count the red flags. Oh, green flags, too.

    best windows phone out there right now

    What's great about it: quality phone for low price
    What's not so great: didnt come with wireless bed charger as advertised by at&t (WTF, Best Buy???? Get with the program, you hosers )

    i finally left metro pcs and bought the nokia lumia 920 for myself and bought my wife an iphone 5 on a new plan with at&t. the lumia cost me $99.99 for new contract and my wife $199.99 for her iphone 5. we both got home and played with our phones. she got frustrated with itunes, askin for credit card info for her just setting up her phone to continue. by that time, i was already downloading music and vidoes from my personal library without any problems. by the night, she decided to return the iphone and get the lumia 920.
    this is why this phone is better than the iphone:
    1) camera quality setting in low light is better on the lumia 920
    2) exclusive carl zeiss camera lens which is best camera lens in the market for the buck
    3) 32gb phone for $99.99 vs 16gb phone for $199.99
    4) xbox friendly - got to play games and get more achievements and it shows my avatar
    5) iphone is so blah. lumia 920 u can customize how it looks to match your style with your own photos
    6) adjusting size of apps, the apps u tend to use more u can enlarge them the seldom used apps u can make them smaller
    7) just like the galaxy, u can tap phone to phone to transfer pictures =]

    This product is...

    • Replaced my MP3 player
    • Easy navigation
    • Replaced my camera
    • Tough/durable
    • Good video quality

    andAbout me...

    • Business Professionaland

    I would recommend this to a friend!

    Phone size:Just right

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    Now who can argue with that? Not any God fearing, Apple pie loving American that I know. Thanks, Gabby, for stating so clearly what needed to be said.
    12-12-2012 06:45 PM

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