1. NadZilla80's Avatar
    So, the other day I woke up to find my 920 had not charged while laying on the charging plate over night. I then noticed that the indicator light was blinking rapidly.

    After doing a little digging I found that this means there is some kind of error in charging. The manual says to unplug the charger to reset it. I have done that a hundred times since and nothing I do seems to make it start working again.

    It just keeps blinking even without the phone resting on it and there is apparently no way to reset it. I have no idea what happened to it. I figured I'd check here and see if anyone else has had this problem before I go try to exchange it.
    12-12-2012 09:42 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    Yours is the first report I have seen of it.
    12-12-2012 09:45 PM
  3. mrshamoozoo's Avatar
    mine was acting weird last night, blinking during charging. but my phone kept charging. i will investigate a little more tonight
    12-12-2012 09:46 PM

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