1. akiman911's Avatar
    At the risk of sounding too fan-boyish (which I probably am ) here's an interesting read ;)

    " Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been found guilty by a Delaware Court of infringing on three Sony (NYSE:SNE) and Nokia Corporation ADR (NYSE:NOK) patents for its iPhone.
    MobileMedia Ideas LLC, a Sony-owned holding company, MPEG-LA and Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) brought the case against Apple and on Thursday after a week-long trial, a federal jury found the company had misappropriated protected technology for the phones, reported Bloomberg.
    This ruling comes after Maryland-based MobileMedia sued Apple in 2010 alleging it had infringed on 14 electronics patents. The case then went to trial after U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson cut the number of patents to three; one is associated with the iPhone camera while the other two are from the accepting or rejecting of phone calls."

    More at Link:

    Page Not Found ValueWalk

    Will be interesting to see how this progresses, and implications.

    Sorry if thread irrelevant to Nokia Forum
    12-14-2012 04:19 PM
  2. ColeHarris's Avatar
    Karma's a ***** ain't it Apple! Still as much as I believe Apple deserves a taste of their own medicine these patent lawsuits are getting ridiculous, I mean "rejecting of phone calls" seriously??? I hope this all brings about some serious patent reform in the next few years.
    12-14-2012 04:26 PM
  3. akiman911's Avatar
    Haha that's nothing, you should see what gets patented
    12-14-2012 04:34 PM

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