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    Been using the yellow 920 for a couple of weeks now. Had random reboot issues for a while but through the forums I figure it was maybe due to incompatible apps that were installed, hence deleted most of them and kept what was really required. Did few updates yesterday evening, I am not sure if it included anything related to the "groups" under people's hub. Today i unlinked my google account from outlook and linked it again due to a password change. Since then i do not see my friend's tile (note, i say specifically the tile and not the contact itself). When i try to add a member to the group, it shows that the member is already a part of the group but i cannot see the tile even when the number of members are greater than the number of tiles shown. I tried to delete the member and reads but same issue. It shows 15members as part of the group but only 14tiles. Also, the member i add is a Facebook contact, not a google contact. So lost, anybody here have the same issue or can share any insights?

    also the group keeps crashing randomly after a few seconds, all the time!

    also from my RM-821_im_mea3_306 using Board Express
    12-15-2012 12:03 AM

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