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    Today I swapped over from the NOKIA Lumia 820 to the NOKIA Lumia 920 as I am now on the Virgin Media MVNO, which successfully dodges the "EE Group of Networks" Lock on all 920s in the UK because Virgin Media uses the EE Network for its service!!

    However, a problem I encountered with the 820 is still happening with the 920...during a voice call, it keeps disconnecting the Data Connection and going from 3G to 2G without my requesting it, then once the voice call finishes it switches the Data Connection back on and within another 30 seconds 3G is back online.

    The Data Letter disappears completely during the call so the software does keep turning the Data Connection off...but why? It's only been doing it with the Virgin Media SIM Card, is it because it's a MVNO instead of a proper network? Is it a software issue? Has anyone else on the Virgin Media MVNO experienced this issue with a Nokia Lumia product running Windows Phone 8?

    12-15-2012 02:48 PM
  2. xH4RRYx's Avatar
    I'm on Virgin mobile on my 920 and I've been having some problems with data connections top. Not quite what you're describing but it could be network or software related.
    12-15-2012 04:00 PM

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