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    Im looking for some help on some issues Ive had since installing the Lumia 920 update on 12-19-12. (Sorry for the length of the post, Im an engineer I like to be thorough.)

    1. My WiFi at home is now practically useless, but it seems to only be for the Facebook app and the People Hub (Where I only have my Hotmail and Facebook account statuses). Before it connected up fine and connection speeds were great, faster than LTE. My home WiFi is 802.11n and has WPA encryption, if that matters. Ive tried removing and re-adding my WiFi. Ive also put my phone in airport mode and then turned only the WiFi to verify its not some kind of WiFi issue in combination with cellular service, no change.

    2. The Battery Meter app (by Asleroid) is no longer updating on the live time or lock screen (after waiting at least a hour of course). I have to open the app to get it to update. Which makes it pretty useless now. I also verified under Settings > Background Tasks that it was still allowed to do operate in the background. Then I thought maybe I need to reset that again, so I blocked it and checked the box to let it run in the background again after being opened again. Problem is that didnt seem to work, after opening it, its still not updating nor is it showing that it is allowed to under Background Tasks. Now Ive seen this behavior with my USA Today app (showing blocked under Background Tasks) but that app still updates.weird.

    Ive tried removing and re-installing and re-pinning Battery Meter. Ive also tried Battery Status by Tomaz Wisniewski (after failing to get Battery Meter working) and its live tile behaved the same, never updated until I opened the app. And Battery Level for Windows Phone 8 (trial version) by Alex Golesh ditto, no update on live tile (or lock screen).

    3. Now Ive just downloaded Weather Flow (really like the lock screen option) and its not updating at all unless I open the app. Both the lock screen and the live tile are old data (the updated time it displays even reflects that its not updating). Ive had it going for hours now with nothing but stale data. And I confirmed under Background Tasks it is allowed. I previously had Accu Weather installed and its live tile was updated just fine until the phone update then it stopped. Thats when decided to try out Weather Flow, but have not seen any better results with updating.

    Has anyone else seen these issues and/or have any advice on what else to try? For all these issues I tried a soft reset (Vol Down and Power) with no luck. I thought about a hard reset (Vol Down, Power and Camera buttons), but how is that different from selecting reset your phone under Settings > About? Is there one that is recommended over the other? I noticed when going through the update process after the download, prep, install and then first reset there was a message saying migrating your settings, step 1 or 4 or something like that. But I never saw steps 2-4. It just came back up and looked like it was ready to go. Not sure if that means anything thing, just throwing out all the information I can think of.

    Ive had a Windows Phone since they debut (LG Quantum to start) and love everything they are doing with WP8 and the Lumia. But this update has gotten me a little frustrated.
    12-21-2012 12:30 PM
  2. BertAlert's Avatar
    I broke down and did the factory reset (Settings > About > Reset your phone. The reset was stuck on the spinning geers for about 90 minutes, but after 4-5 soft power resets it came back to life. But after all that, still no change, tiles are still not updating (celluar and wifi) and my wifi is still slow. But i did make anew observation, the wifi is not slow on an open network (i was sitting at the ATT store for little bit when the phone finally came back up), so far it only seems to be my secure wifi at home. Any help on with this would be greatly appreciated. This all started after the update, so i have hard time believing it's an hardware issue.
    12-22-2012 04:53 PM

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