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    At the outset, let me explain where I am coming from. I am a current iPhone 4 owner and have really been anticipating WP8 and the Nokia.

    As much as I try, I cannot really show much enthusiasm for the iPhone 5, due to boredom with the OS, the relatively minor upgrade in screen size and the scuffing issues. In some areas I do like the Samsung SIII and the Note 2 but the overall cheap, hyper-plastic feel and the size of the latter turns me off. HTC construction standards appeal to me a lot but the OneX seems to be semi-stillborn sadly and does not add much to WP8.

    I am reasonably well-apprised of the limitations with WP8 and am willing to work around this I believe. However, what concerns me is there seems to be some real QC issues with this phone. I can anticipate what is going to come next, namely the ubiquitous "only people who have problems post in forums". This is a canard, as be it on mobile forums (be it here, xda-developers, or macrumors) or video forums (eg avsforums) there are plenty of people who are happy with their devices and post on there too (in some cases due to needs for "purchase validation").

    I do feel there are manufacturing issues here (battery, dust on lens and proximity sensor, etc) and am wondering if there have been steps taken with later production samples to address this. Will these be addressed or not? With the iPhone 5 it seems the scuffing issues for example have not really been addressed as to fix this would require a real change in the method of anodization etc. Essentially, what you get now is what you will continue to get.

    This phone is the one I really want to get but I do not want to go through the whole swapping issue with shipping back to Nokia or arguing with Rogers in Canada. One good point with the iPhone is that I have an Apple store 10 minutes walk away and I know I will have no problem swapping out phones really quickly for issues (albeit for refurbished phones which will at least be cosmetically as good as a new phone - good or bad).
    01-01-2013 01:45 PM
  2. James8561's Avatar
    i heard that the creaking top, dust in ffc (which is related to the creaking, wider opening between casing and screen) are fixed in latter productions. seems like they are only issues with the first batch of the phone. the proximity sensor issue is mainly due to people using cheap screen protectors that do not have a cut out for the sensor. not nokia's fault. plus this phone is recommended to be use naked.
    01-01-2013 02:01 PM
  3. mythra's Avatar
    yeah, i'd like to see a hardware revision to the phone. some revisions just might not be realistic and will only be achieved for newer models. as i see it, these are some design issues they can tackle:
    dust under ffc - this seems to be caused by improper sealing. there is very little gap between the ffc and speaker area to begin with. they should think about moving the ffc slightly further away. perhaps, move it to the side. however, this creates a dilemma for the logo placement.
    battery issues - this could be a mix of hardware and software issue and can be resolved with the current model with some revisions.
    squeaking - there was a post on how L920 and L900 are different in how it is put together. perhaps the old L900 design is better for keeping things tightly together.
    vibration rattle - this is caused by the OIS. maybe if they moved the vibration motor to a different part of the phone it could resolve this issue. however, i only see this happening in newer models rather than the current one.

    i hope they bring all these changes to the verizon model once it comes out. the current model might not see everything resolved though.

    i have personally gone through a couple of 920's with issues and decided to just wait a bit longer for issues to be resolved. if the verizon model comes out early enough then i might go with that.

    btw...you indicated OneX as the HTC WP8 model. i think you meant 8X. OneX is their android model.
    01-01-2013 02:13 PM
  4. peterg21's Avatar
    Thanks both of you for your replies. Yes, I did mean the 8X.
    01-01-2013 04:01 PM

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