1. Carlos H's Avatar
    Hello, I wonder if there is any function to view photos on tv connected to your WiFi network, in android and apple have that function but nokia windows phone and it is not possible, is there any app available or thought for the future?

    Sorry for my bad English
    01-02-2013 03:20 AM
  2. GOOTHRIE's Avatar
    Try PhotoBeamer if your TV can connect to internet and have a browser
    01-02-2013 03:23 AM
  3. helsten2's Avatar
    01-02-2013 03:25 AM
  4. Carlos H's Avatar
    My tv is samsung SmarTV, no browser, operating system directly goes another sharing option in tv.PhotoBeame is very good but not without browser tv, Thanks
    01-02-2013 03:32 AM
  5. Huime's Avatar
    Then you will have try USB, or even load into a laptop then play thru hdmi
    01-02-2013 07:57 AM
  6. wamsille's Avatar
    The other option is if you have a gaming console with a web browser you can go to the PhotoBeamer site and you can share that way.
    01-02-2013 08:23 AM
  7. Carlos H's Avatar
    One solution would be Samsung AllShare app, but not available for WP8, forum Nokia support I have answered in construction there an app to connect to tv.
    01-02-2013 08:46 AM
  8. Ben0181's Avatar
    Nokia PlayTo app works well with Xbox. You can view pics and vids.
    01-02-2013 10:56 AM
  9. user4545's Avatar
    Skydrive through computer or xbox.
    01-02-2013 11:02 AM
  10. Carlos H's Avatar
    01-02-2013 01:24 PM

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