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    I noticed today that in a bright room, my button lights are turning off. Still working, but no illumination. It seems to do it when the phone is held landscape. I can make them come back on by moving my hands around but I can't make them come back on reliably with any certain motion. Tonight, I was watching YouTube videos in a completely dark room and noticed the buttons went out. This time, I was not able to make them come back on till I turned the screen off, then back on. Tried tapping the phone on the bottom to see if there was a short, but shock doesn't affect the button illumination at all.

    The buttons still function so I'm not too concerned with it, but its just another potential defect related to this phone. Honestly, I'm planning to wait as long into the year as possible before contacting Nokia for any kind of warranty service. With all the problems being reported on this phone and this being my second 920 (massive battery drain on the first) I'm almost certain I'll get a phone with it own set of problems in return. Nokia really seems to have screwed up with the QC process here. Hopefully the longer I wait, the chance of getting a defect-free phone will improve. Maybe I'll get lucky and this will be a software issue.
    01-03-2013 08:09 PM

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