03-07-2013 09:33 AM
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  1. lkwaijunior's Avatar
    OP, thanks for the ##3282 heads up; going to test it tomorrow.
    My location tends to cause network type to fluctuate quite a bit so I'll give it a try tomorrow.

    Is there a difference between switching to 3G using ##3282# and using network setting?
    Yes, the network setting defines the "best network speed" your phone will hunt for.
    1) If you set it to 3G from network settings and you're in a..
    1.1) 3&4G-available area, you will connect to only 3G.
    1.2) 2G-only area, you will connect to only 2G

    2) If you set 3G from ##3282 and you're in a...
    1.1) 3G available area, you will connect to 3G
    1.2) Place with only 2G (no 3G), I suspect you won't connect at all. (I'm not sure about this.)
    02-17-2013 12:51 PM
  2. Zeroplanetz's Avatar
    So I've been experimenting with my l920. I'm believing its the os has leaks and what not too. Once a weak if I soft reset my phone my battery stays giving me more than a days worth of juice. But towards the end of the week its back to draining something crazy fast. Like dead in 5 hours max. I don't know what the reset does but I'm glad it helps. And it takes less than five minutes to complete it.
    02-17-2013 07:56 PM
  3. szaboagoston's Avatar
    Okay, here are my statistics. Brand new Lumia 920, came with Portico update, battery charged only after draining completely.
    1st charge: lasts 9-10 hours with light-moderate use. Heating. (I get frustrated and google the problem, which leads me here.)
    2nd charge: lasts 9-10 hours with light-moderate use. Heating. (Even more frustrated, but read also about that the Lithium battery needs a few charge cycles before getting optimal.)
    3rd charge: lasts 6-7 hours with internet sharing turned on constantly. Heating. (Understandable)
    4th charge: After 8 hours of light-moderate use, even internet sharing for 30 minutes, the battery is on 72%. (I'm relieved and happy for my new Lumia 920!)

    I didn't do any "magic" settings or resets, I have 3 mail accounts pushing mails. NFC on or off doesn't make a difference. I'm on 3G.
    03-07-2013 08:29 AM
  4. johninsj's Avatar
    constant rebooting throughout the day, probably 2-5 per day.
    Also, since I've gotten this phone, there have been multple reboots every single day I've had it, since going straight 3g last night, I have had 0 random reboots.
    It's not supposed to reboot several times a day. Where are you, what carrier?
    03-07-2013 09:10 AM
  5. wilsey's Avatar
    Actually, before I decided to get Lumia 920, I was kinda worried about the reboot problem after I read it. But, until now, more than 2 months of usage, I have zero random reboots.
    Could this random reboots only affected the device with LTE enabled, like the one on AT&T, as mine is the International unlock version RM-821.
    03-07-2013 09:33 AM
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