1. hyedefinition's Avatar
    Hi guys....i have all this dirt that has accumulated on the sides of the screen on my 920. how do you guys remove it?
    01-04-2013 02:22 AM
  2. deuxani's Avatar
    I dont'r really have this problem, but when I see a small piece of dust, I just take a piece of very thin paper and move it between the screen and body. Easiest method :)
    01-04-2013 02:27 AM
  3. jlynnm350z's Avatar
    Shore there good buddy. I got a ditch digger I got aaaaaaaaaaA, big ol' wagon there to wheel all that. . . What? You really don't have that problem? Darn it you. You got me. You got one over on ol' Ned here. Ha,ha,ha
    01-04-2013 02:34 AM

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