1. helsten2's Avatar
    Normal view (OK):

    Bug ?

    Been looking OK until this morning. Now I always get this. Reboot did not help.

    I also noticed that the Default Zoom Level is wrong after you have viewed the Stats screen(s).

    Any experiences with this app?
    01-07-2013 07:36 AM
  2. mwdavis84's Avatar

    I wrote Battery Widget. Thanks for catching the zoom level / stats page bug. I'll have that fixed in the next release.

    The charting issue is definitely weird. Are you still consistently seeing that? I would have to imagine that's some sort of an issue with the charting toolkit I'm using (Telerik). They did recently release an update, I'll have to check the change logs to see if there was anything related to this in there.
    01-09-2013 11:31 AM
  3. helsten2's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer - much appreciated.
    Charting issue is still there, yes:

    I am on a Lumia 920 (if it matters).
    Looking forward to your update.
    01-09-2013 01:00 PM
  4. mwdavis84's Avatar
    To follow up on this - I've been able to repro this by having very old entries. A lot of Lumia 920s (mine included) have a bad habit of crashing and restarting with an old date set. This screws up the charting control. For now, you can fix it by enabling the "clear entries older than 30 days" option in the settings and restarting the app. For an upcoming release (1.4) I'll have a real solution in place, but this will do the job for now.
    01-25-2013 05:40 PM
  5. helsten2's Avatar
    I am on V1.2, that's the newest I could find in the Store.
    I tried the "Clear All Entries" button, but when I exit and re-enter the App, there is a never-ending "Loading ..." animation.
    That's all I get ...
    01-25-2013 05:52 PM
  6. mwdavis84's Avatar
    The never ending loading animation happens when it finds a conflict when trying to save an entry (fix is coming for that, too). If you quit and restart the app (a minute or so later) it should go away.
    01-25-2013 06:01 PM
  7. helsten2's Avatar
    Now I get a graph, but I still have the never-ending "Loading ..." animation.
    I will wait for your fix. Keep up the good work
    01-25-2013 06:07 PM
  8. mwdavis84's Avatar
    Sorry for the trouble. I'm pushing out updates as fast as Microsoft lets me - 1.3 was submitted as soon as 1.2 was approved, and I've got 1.4 just about ready to go as soon as 1.3 goes through
    01-25-2013 06:13 PM
  9. mwdavis84's Avatar
    So there have been a few updates since this - 1.5 came out earlier in the week. Are all of your issues resolved?
    02-07-2013 04:29 PM
  10. helsten2's Avatar
    I just received the latest update an hour ago.
    Haven't found any bugs yet ...
    02-07-2013 04:37 PM
  11. helsten2's Avatar
    Looks like the charting issue has been solved. And the never ending animation. Thanks.
    But the zoom level / stats page bug is still there.

    Before stats:

    After stats:
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    02-10-2013 03:24 AM

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