1. mikepas's Avatar
    I recently moved from NC to TX and I've noticed some issues with GPS on my Lumia 920. Every so often (about once every other day) the GPS gets "confused" and thinks I'm still in North Carolina instead of northern Texas. This happens with any app that utilizes GPS (Foursquare, Maps, Nokia Drive, etc). Usually if I reset the phone a couple of times and turning on and off location services fixes this issue but it's still a pain in the *** when I get in the car and am relying on the Lumia to help me get around my new town.

    Anyone else having issues like this or do I have a bum unit?
    01-08-2013 02:54 AM
  2. U_SAF's Avatar
    I don't have any issue like that.. Nokia Maps or Nokia Drive+ find my location accurately without internet and more accurately and quickly with internet in Middle East area, only concern I have when I drive my car the speed of Nokia Maps always less 5KM comparing to my Car's ODEO meter.

    Probably you try to download the whole Map First and than try using it.. if you haven't done so.
    01-08-2013 04:17 AM

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