02-07-2013 01:03 PM
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  1. GSOgymrat's Avatar
    I had a problem with my white 920 not connecting to any of my computers. At Nokia's advice I exchanged it but the connection problem turned out to be a software issue, not a hardware issue and has been resolved.

    Yesterday I traveled to Manhattan and planned to use my 920 to navigate the city. I pulled my phone out of my carrying case and it immediately locked up and then wouldn't turn on. I was quite put out. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I went to Washington, DC so I was wondering if there was some weird issue with being out of area. In Manhattan I fortunately happened upon an AT&T service center. The technician was very pleasant, she performed a hard reset, a diagnostic and quickly fixed it. Turns out my messenger bag, which I only use when I travel, was pressing against the buttons and locking up the phone. So it was my clumsiness which caused the problem.

    I have not had any heat or construction quality issues with my 920. As far as battery life, when I was in Washington I used the phone heavily the entire day: taking pictures, navigating, listening to music, web searches, texting, phone calls, etc. It was a long day and the phone gave me a battery warning notice just as I was about to go to bed and put it on the charger. I don't know how other phones perform but the 920 lasted long enough to get the job done, but just barely.
    01-09-2013 05:23 PM
  2. BotanicalStig's Avatar
    I had four 920's. Hardware defects exist in 100% of them, varying by device. I found a solution to 920 problems, it involves Ebay and buying an HTC 8x...

    A month later and my limelight beauty is perfect. No squeaks, no rattles, no loose internals, no loose screen, no dusty camera, no charging problems, no broken buttons, no light leaks, the body isn't even a little loose. Who would have thought? A phone that, you know, comes perfect out of the box as promised? DAMN HTC, how the ***** did you manage to do that? Judging by my experience with Nokia, such a feat is literally impossible.

    The grass is much, much greener on the other side
    01-09-2013 06:42 PM
  3. jdom's Avatar
    mine has been flawless to
    01-09-2013 06:56 PM
  4. V J's Avatar
    I would like a screenshot of your phones to go along with your 5 broken nokias. How many would show you as android or iphone users just trolling a windows phone board in between stints on your favorite porn sites?
    <=== My first 920 is right there on my avatar (white)

    My second 920 is pictured here (yellow) ===> http://forums.windowscentral.com/win.../201935-18.htm

    People have better things to do than troll competing platform forums.
    01-09-2013 07:33 PM
  5. cardinalryan's Avatar
    My four faulty units were all brutal, two of mine had this issue pictured. You would get the frozen snow screen after completing a call and it required a hard reset to get the phone back in working order. My experience was terrible. That's a picture for you...yes, it happened.bad-screen.jpg
    01-10-2013 04:09 PM
  6. Jonathan Ford's Avatar
    No problems with mine. Very happy with my 920.
    01-10-2013 04:19 PM
  7. paulxxwall's Avatar
    Nokia Lumia 920 best phone in the world no phone maker is perfect but I went with the Lumia 920 because it has the best spec's vs the HTC but its a good phone too in all wp8 will be coming out with new phones and better. go windows!!!!!!!!!!
    01-27-2013 12:12 PM
  8. Tigersoul's Avatar
    Not to rub salt into the wound, but my 920 hasn't had any issues, either. The only oddity I discovered is that, if I'm rotating MANY pictures (as in over 100) in the photo editor, it will get "stuck" and need to have the photos app restarted. I expect that's more of an issue with WP8 than the phone itself.

    For the record, I have a black 920 that I bought in mid-December 2012 direct from AT&T.
    01-27-2013 12:29 PM
  9. tissotti's Avatar
    No hardware problems at all on my first month release Lumia 920.
    Mostly just craving for more software support, though i could not imagine how it would feel over at HTC phone with at least no more software support than on Lumias.
    01-27-2013 12:44 PM
  10. Beltelmel's Avatar
    Very, very happy with my matte black!!!
    Solid build, no creaks, no light leakage, no dust in ffc, good battery, no reboots or freeze -ups.
    01-27-2013 12:45 PM
  11. SDemirel's Avatar
    No problems

    Perfect phone. Its like a breeze for me after ios and androids
    01-27-2013 12:46 PM
  12. WoWNyx's Avatar
    Feels as if I just took it out the box and am using it for the first time. Every time I take it out of my pocket xD.

    Wonderful phone this Lumia 920 is
    01-27-2013 01:07 PM
  13. zipro's Avatar
    I'm on my fourth one and this one has close to zero issues. It rebooted once about three weeks ago but has been completely stable since then. Battery life's great and updates are coming. I have made it a habit to turn off the phone at night, then turn it on again and place it in the wireless charger over night. Just got back from a business trip to England - again, no issues whatsoever. I was the only one of my group who could actually use WiFi in the hotel because WiFi reception is exceptional on the 920. The others wouldn't even see the access point. I'm extremely happy with it!
    Sent from my RM-821_eu_euro2_224 using Board Express
    01-27-2013 01:19 PM
  14. tebugg's Avatar
    I have made it a habit to turn off the phone at night, then turn it on again and place it in the wireless charger over night.
    this is a good habit to have an doesnt take time out of your day to do. i do it in reverse with restarting my phone after a full charge but its the same in practice. i think of it as using my desktop. restarting my desktop pc daily ensures that i can get the best performance out of my pc because it free's up resources. since windows phone uses the same kernel, logic would dictate to do this with your windows phone also. this coincidently helps your battery life also because it helps your battery indicator calibrate faster and more accurately. everyone i know that i've been able to convince to get a lumia 920 (which to this date has been 6 people) i have told to do this trick for the first week of having their new device and not 1 of them have come to me complaining about bad battery life. so so far i've had 100% track record with doing this. i STILL do this with my lumia 920 even after having it since it went retail the first day at AT&T stores. it just makes sense to refresh the phone's resources to give it a fresh start at the beginning of the day.
    01-27-2013 01:54 PM
  15. marcinaldo's Avatar
    I am usually very patent. I was ready to wait for the firmware upgrades, etc. but after another day when the battery was completely drained after 10 hours (sometimes I get almost 2 days of usage) and another problems with hearing other side of the conversation, I decided that I'm selling my Lumia...

    Besides I wanted to give WP a chance. I was bored with static iOS, but after 2 months of usage there are more things that annoy me than those that are cool. I needed to turn off most of Live Tiles to improve battery life, one volume control for everything is very annoying for me, lack of podcast support, worse quality of apps or no apps at all (I thought that this won't be a problem for me but it is), issues with sound quality and adding all the small things (why I can't see battery and coverage level all the time, why multitasking works in such an awkward way, etc.)

    So currently, I am waiting for iPhone 5 to arrive on Wednesday. I will be missing some of the features from Nokia and I hope that it can succeed, but current state is not good enough for me...
    01-27-2013 02:02 PM
  16. GSOgymrat's Avatar
    i do it in reverse with restarting my phone after a full charge but its the same in practice. ...
    I do the same thing and have not had any problems.
    01-27-2013 02:48 PM
  17. sameekhan's Avatar
    No issues with my Lumia 920 Black 😊
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
    01-28-2013 04:47 PM
  18. pazces84's Avatar
    No issues to report for my L920. Well... there is the annoying dust in the front-facing camera. Kind of an eye sore but still very happy with my Lumia 920.
    01-28-2013 04:56 PM
  19. Tezler's Avatar
    I have that dust thing with my 820. What's that about then? Agree about the eye sore !! Kinda annoying.
    01-28-2013 04:59 PM
  20. V J's Avatar
    Well I haven't visited this thread in over 2 weeks. That's mainly because I've been hanging around Android Central. Yes, I'm sad to say that after 13 years of using no other phone brand except Nokia, I've finally jumped ship and switched to a 4G Samsung Galaxy S3. I just couldn't justify sinking over $1400 into 2 separate Lumia 920s and still failing to find a good handset. Complete opposite of my current experience with the Galaxy S3, which I won't go into detail as the last thing I want is to get flamed here.

    Suffice to say I'm extremely happy I've made the switch and I most likely won't be coming back to Nokia until they switch to Android (if they ever do) and assuming they've sorted out their hardware manufacturing issues.
    01-30-2013 02:29 AM
  21. Jaripi's Avatar
    Let me tell too ... extremely happy with my RED Lumia 920 - it has been close to perfect since Portico update ... there is no one, who can offer me all the same as Lumia 920 do - like a such great camera with OIS for blurry free photos, a great video recording (with extremely good voice), a great display with sensitive touch and sun light readability, a great audio quality with equalizer (I use WH-920 ear-plugs, but it is the same with any other high quality ear plugs), a great Nokia OFFLINE maps and Drive+, some can be used offline too - super useful for holidays and business trips ... as well as other Nokia software collection, like Nokia Music (Radio Mix), Photo Beamer, etc. ... Summary: there is no substitute for me at the moment, not even close one, even others are good ones too, like Galaxy S3 or Note 2, HTC 8X, iPhone 5, but no way that I would use any of them instead of my love one ... of course, you have to pick up the one, some fit for you ... :)
    01-30-2013 03:06 AM
  22. camptime's Avatar
    I love my red 920 but the out of the blue battery drain issue is getting to me.Today I was not even using the phone and it drained from 90% to flat in less then 2 hours.
    01-30-2013 04:02 AM
  23. WP7_Genius's Avatar
    Yes my phone locks up more than it should and I was told that the lockup that occurs during Nokia Drive usage is because I went wrong too many times, is that correct? But it locks ups with home screen also the slide to unlock acts funny like my finger registers a short time then it becomes unresponsive.
    01-30-2013 09:16 AM
  24. FatedAfflatus's Avatar
    mine works perfectly here. no issues at all
    Yeah, me too.

    But I've a little problems. It is...
    1. Syncronize a playlist on my phone ! It's not easy and have lot of errors.
    2. Office can't add a photo ! It can only add it in OneNote.
    01-30-2013 09:22 AM
  25. Coreldan's Avatar
    I have an issue-free Lumia. Got one on the first try. My phone is not from the first batch of phones due to them starting to sell in Finland much later than in the US for example.
    01-30-2013 09:34 AM
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