1. un hombre's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Essentially, people are complaining when I am talking with them on Skype/regular phone call in loudspeaker mode. They say I am too quiet or they cannot hear me at all. I would have to stand close to the phone and speak directly into the microphone.

    this is strange, because I think this is the same microphone which is used for video recording, the one next to 3.5 input socket?

    I have no problems talking to people using headset or with sound recorded in videos.

    nyone noticed that or has any ideas?
    01-14-2013 11:03 AM
  2. un hombre's Avatar
    No one using the phone in loudspeaker mode?
    01-14-2013 12:55 PM
  3. clubbstudios's Avatar
    No one using the phone in loudspeaker mode?
    apparently only you and me, bro! Haha. Yeah, it's pretty awful...

    Usually what I'll do is cup my palm beneath the phone and hold it in my fingers... Odd concept, but the idea is to hold your hand close to the speakers at an angle.

    This will concentrate the sound waves in a very basic way, and it will be slightly louder. It's not booming volume, but with this damn speakerphone, every decibel helps!

    (I use a similar strategy for playing music on the 920 if I'm running laundry or the shower or whatnot: place the speakers on a ledge or shelf about 1" away from the wall. Move it back and forth slightly and you'll notice that, at about 3/4 - 1/2 " away from the wall, the volume jumps up a bit! Again, it's not much, but it's the best I've been able to devise so far).

    I believe there IS indeed hope for us -- a software update fixed the horrrrrible volume in the earpiece of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, so I'm confident that, if RIM can fix the earpiece volume via an update, Nokia can certainly boost that darn speaker!!!

    *fingers crossed*
    01-15-2013 04:34 AM
  4. un hombre's Avatar
    Thanks for your input, bro.

    I don't have the problem with speakers, they are loud enough for me but I keep getting complains about people not hearing me on the mic.
    To tell you the truth, people complain also when I am speaking through the phone normally, I would have to put my mouth close to the mic for them to hear me well.

    I hope it's fixable, Portico did not help unfortunately in this regard.

    Too bad, because I had no problems with loudspeaker on my Galaxy S 2 and I often skype in loudspeaker mode, when for example in the kitchen.
    01-15-2013 04:47 AM
  5. clubbstudios's Avatar
    HAHA *facepalm* dude I totally misunderstood!! You probably started reading that and were like, wait wtf... Sorry about that.

    Regarding the microphone volume of people #hearing# me when I put them on speaker, my experience with the Lumia 920 is actually the exact opposite...

    The other day I had the phone on my chest, my cat (little b@stard) sitting on top of it, playing Xbox, and my buddy on speaker didn't even know I had him on speaker...

    Honestly if all of the updates to date haven't helped, AND it happens on standard calls, too, perhaps you have a faulty mic?? Sounds like a hardware issue. If it's new, I would exchange it ASAP, because mailing it to Nokia takes forever.
    01-18-2013 10:26 AM
  6. zen zappa's Avatar
    My experiance with the Lumia 920 microphone is that it is very directional sensitive. Much more soo than othere Nokias I had and as well as the Iphone.
    When Im talking with someone I often get the comment that they are loosing my voice. That is because it changes location by just a few cm away !
    So they definatly has a BIG problem with that !
    I think maybe they want to sell more handsfree gadgets!
    Because that was what I had to buy to get them to hear me proporly, and now its not an issue.
    But still I forget to plug it in and the issue pops up like a joker in the box, again and again.....
    Hopefully there will be an app like the one for iphone that enhaces the audiobility very good. "Von Bruno"
    The not so thought through matter is that the microphone is place in the bottom of the phone.which means you have to have some sort of reflector for the sound to hit the mic. at some instances.
    The best way to be heard without an ear peace is to place the phone on your chest lying down and have the mic facing your mouth.

    02-02-2013 01:57 PM

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