1. Brad M's Avatar
    So yesterday and today I've had to constantly turn airplane mode on and off to get my phone to reconnect to 4G. When its connected I have full bars. I will be in the middle of searching something or emailing and it will loose connection. I searched any the only thing I saw was to restart or do the airplane mode. This just will not work for me if this continues. Thanks for any help!
    01-23-2013 08:27 AM
  2. howie's Avatar
    I've had this issue for a few weeks now, since I got the 920.
    I haven't found any solution, yet.
    Just glad it's my "play line" and not the line I depend on for service.
    I can sit there and watch the 4G drop down and bounce back up every few seconds, but the signal stays strong.
    01-29-2013 07:47 PM
  3. Ben Lehtovaara's Avatar
    Yep, me too. I thought it was just Rogers being crap but I'm noticing my signal is not stellar. Sometimes at my desk I have a weird double speak echo even on regular phone calls as if I have super poor signal.
    01-29-2013 08:38 PM
  4. niteshade1975's Avatar
    I also have this problem on an unlocked phone in Cyprus. The data connection works fine for a few minutes, drops and then resumes continueously. I haven't been able to verify this but it looks like it's having problems maintaining a steady connection after switching between 3G & H
    01-30-2013 04:15 AM
  5. supereddzz's Avatar
    I've had this too in the UK. I've sent the phone back for repair/replacement...
    01-30-2013 05:04 AM

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