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    I have posted here a few times about the battery of the phone being pretty off and on. I have had days where I'd get 18 hours of battery, and days where I get 8 hours. Those longer days usually come when I use my phone very little, and only for texting or placing a few calls. What I have a question about is whether running ANY app causes lots of battery drain and overheating for most people, or if this is a problem that I should send my phone to Nokia over. If I run any app, from a game to Facebook to running IE, the phone will get very hot in just about a minute and causes the battery to start draining. I was browsing the internet and facebook this morning and it went from 100% to 81% in an hour, for about 10-15 minutes of browsing. That by far has been the most noticeable drop in battery as of lately for such little use, but the battery has its days. I just feel like the battery should not be overheating with such little use. Is this a concern or is the a common thing with the phone? I want to try to send it off if needed soon. Also note, I have no background apps running and don't have whatsapp installed or any other seemingly problematic apps.

    01-29-2013 09:44 AM
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    This is how my battery seems to behave too, I think it may be more of an OS problem then a hardware problem, because it seems like certain app tasks get stuck running in the background and the only way to get them to stop is to soft reset your phone.

    I have not been able to narrow it done to any one or two apps, or even background tasks, it just seems like if I use my phone a lot for like 20 minutes it jumpstarts a fast battery drain for the rest of the day unless I soft reset it.

    I'm no expert though.
    01-29-2013 09:59 AM
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    my weather app (WeatherLive) has an issue...if I leave it running in the background it never disconnects from GPS. I 100% pin pointed it down to that app by tracking it in one of the Battery Apps.

    I'd get Battery Widget and/or Battery Status also. Battery Widget has some good bar charts that show you %/Hour usage and then classify it by day or connection type. I like Battery Status because it tracks average time between charges and average length from a full charge. I get 22 hrs, no problem...it is very difficult (impossible) to classify usage as "light" to you is probably "heavy" to me.

    Also...if you look at the breakdown of the phone...I realized that what you feel as hot on the top of the phone is NOT the battery. The battery is near the base/charger port. What you feel as hot is a heat sink from the processor, NOT the battery.

    You can see it best here...the guy is replacing his battery, and do to that you need to remove this copper sticker, and you can see the one end is laid across the chip. (In the little screen grab preview...the chip is at the VERY top of the screen, only 1% of it is in the shot. And the copper cover has already been removed.) You need to start at the 4:00 mark.

    Nokia Lumia 920 Disassembly & Assembly - Screen & Case Replacement - YouTube

    You are using a full fledged computer in your hand...there are no fans...the heat needs to get out somehow. There is more computer power in your hand than on the spaceship that 1st landed on the moon.
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