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    My phone had the dreaded reboot problem where it would just shut off, even with nothing (apparently) running in the background and even with a full or near full charge. I contacted ATT, they had me hard reset, soft reset, and deemed that a replacement was necessary.

    Not thrilled i'd be getting a "reconditioned" phone, but oh well.

    I just received it yesterday and right out of the box (actually, it came in a padded envelope in a box) it had issues with the audio.

    Playing audio through any headphones created a crackling and popping noise. I still have my first L920, so I swapped that one and my new one back and forth with the same, and with different headphones and the same result: new phone had crackling in the audio (no equalizer, dolby turned off on both).

    Also, when playing Nokia Music, the sound just mutes itself randomly. Changes to the volume or pausing/playing the song fixes it. The song continues to play, but it is totally silent.

    Two hard resets, the first one backing up my saved info from skydrive and the second as a new phone and the same issue were still present.

    Pretty frustrated now. I never wanted to be one of the people you read on here who seem to nitpick and replace the phone a few times, but it looks like I will be asking for yet another replacement. I am ok with the shortcomings of the phone (not every app available, etc), but I just want it to work without problems. I have dust in the front facing camera and I dont care. I have dust around the screens bezel, but I don't care. pressing the top and the bottom of the phone creaks an odd squeak, but I don't care. I just want my phone to work. simple as that.

    So, to finish with a question so this post isn't entirely just a rant, has anyone else experienced BOTH of those audio issues I described above?
    01-29-2013 10:14 AM

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