01-31-2013 03:11 PM
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  1. Curtieson's Avatar
    has anyone heard anything about an ultraviolet app?
    I thought before on WinPho7 I could watch stuff through the Flixster app. that is where i have gotten most (all but one) of my UltraViolet movies. That is not the case with my new L920. I would not hold your breath.

    UV / Vudu is all sorts of confusing right now, even on the desktop. They need to put their time and energy into getting a system that truly works before branching out to a mobile OS with >5% marketshare.
    01-30-2013 10:42 AM
  2. Korfuntu's Avatar

    One of my big reasons for leaving Android and moving to Windows Phone was the increasing problem with malware on Android. There are an increasing number of reports coming out that Android apps are becoming a cesspool of malware. While it is possible to write a "secure" app (whatever that is!), the adware API's used to monetize the "free" apps are a Swiss cheese mess of vulnerabilities that I did not want to endure any further.
    Given Microsoft's presence in corporate America's IT shops, I feel better knowing that Microsoft has demonstrated a commitment to security that neither Apple or Google have shown. I know that no software is perfect, but I trust Microsoft to make it right more quickly than "the other guys" do with their software.
    01-30-2013 11:30 AM
  3. husslord's Avatar
    Agree, with Android you have to be very careful downloading third party apps!!! Next thing you know you have commercials popping up all over your phone and other advertisements.
    As for ultra violet/vudu, the flixster app on android is nice! At work I sometime listen to movies when bored, but again not a huge deal, the quality isn't the best yet and both u.v. and vudu need to get their act together! I just didn't know if there was a random app that played your movies from them cause of the nice screen!
    01-30-2013 12:27 PM
  4. peachy001's Avatar
    Yeah, what on Earth is going on there? My daughter was given an Android phone at the end of my girlfriend's contract. As you can imagine, despite me telling her to watch what she installs, she downloads all sorts. She has some crazy stuff popping up. Some real unsuitable stuff. And the phone now runs really slowly.
    01-30-2013 02:54 PM
  5. socialcarpet's Avatar
    Forgot, sorry how is Nokias GPS??? I do a lot of driving!
    Nokia Drive is excellent in my experience. It's fast and it's never gotten me lost. It's also usually fast enough to keep me from missing a turn.

    Loading music is pretty easy, you can just drag and drop. There is also an excellent Nokia Music app which offers free streaming similar to Pandora or Spotify, but it also lets you download playlists for use off line. Nokia is going to introduce a paid version soon which will offer even more features.

    You cannot change the keyboard on the phone, but I find it to be quite good. It's probably the best I've had on any phone. Occasionally I kind of miss Swype, but truthfully the keyboard is so accurate that I rarely do.
    01-31-2013 12:50 PM
  6. Raghu Gundlapalli's Avatar
    GPS is great, but some times (happened to me 4 to 5 times so far in last 2 months) Nokia Drive + Beta doesn't start, it says resuming & does nothing, may be a bug. you can download the maps (by Country/State), this saves lot of data & good feature to have if you are driving on the interior roads where there is no signal. Nokia have the largest coverage compared to Android/Apple when it comes to maps.
    syncing music with iTunes: i don't think this is 2 way sync, but you can transfer the music you want from a Mac to WP8.
    Like the phone so far, had to exchange the first one due to random shut downs.
    great photos in low light, OK photos in day light, great videos.
    keyboard: nice suggestion of words as you type, huge selection of languages, i like the fact that you can even select language for Voice commands, not just languages but accents too (English India) this is the best feature for me since none of my previous phones could understand my accent, now i changed it to English (India) its awesome.
    Rooms are great feature if your friends/family have WP8.
    One Note is great.
    can have multiple e-mail accounts & merge them together and pin them to live screen.
    great battery life.
    01-31-2013 02:22 PM
  7. Raghu Gundlapalli's Avatar
    there are Amazon & Kindle app for WP8, limited financial (Banks, Mint, stock trading) apps though.
    01-31-2013 03:04 PM
  8. Raghu Gundlapalli's Avatar
    heptic feedback is present on WP8, not a big fan though.
    01-31-2013 03:11 PM
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