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    I was browsing eBay looking for a skin for my Lumia 920 (just looking, not really seriously considering) and I found a seller that seems to sell a lot of them. While browsing their feedback trying to determing if the skin was a crap product or not, something dawned upon me - there's a treasure trove of data in this feedback. I decided to try dumping some of the data into Excel and seeing what I could come up with (I was bored and interested).

    The data set ended up being all feedback left for this particular seller (not gonna say who, it's not really important - if you really want to know, PM me) for phone skins during the period from January 1st through January 29th. I excluded December's results because some of the shortage issues with the 920 during that time period. Before anyone jumps all over the data, let me go ahead and say that this is definitely an unscientific survey and there are a whole bunch of variables involved that could skew the acutal sales numbers away from this (this is a sample of people that bought skins and only from this particular seller, also the sample size is relatively small given the sheer number of possible phones. Additionally, these are probably only US figures, if not very heavily biased towards the USA). I do, however, think that some of the flaws in the methodology should be consistent across operating systems / product lines, so I'm pretty confident that this is good enough for at least a WAG of sales figures around that time (I don't think it's accurate for total market share since it's probably a safe assumption that most people will buy a skin early on during their device ownership period). Having said all that, here's the data:

    Total phones: 285
    Lumia 920 skins sold: 27

    Breakdown by OS:
    Android 164 (57.5%)
    Blackberry 2 (0.7%)
    iOS 85 (29.8%)
    Symbian 3 (1.1%)
    Windows Phone 31 (10.9%)
    Windows Mobile 1 (0.3%)

    By phone family:

    iPhone 85 29.7%
    Samsung Galaxy 65 22.7%
    Sony Xperia 40 14.0%
    Nokia Lumia 29 10.1%
    HTC One 18 6.3%
    Asus PadFone 16 5.6%
    Nexus 7 7 2.4%
    Motorola Droid Razr 7 2.4%
    Dell Venue Pro 2 0.7%
    HTC Sensation 2 0.7%
    BlackBerry Bold 1 0.3%
    BlackBerry Torch 1 0.3%
    Garmin Nuvifone 1 0.3%
    HTC Desire 1 0.3%
    HTC Evo 3D 1 0.3%
    HTC HD 2 1 0.3%
    HTC Wildfire 1 0.3%
    Huawei Mercury 1 0.3%
    Huawei Vision 1 0.3%
    Motorola Atrix 1 0.3%
    Nokia 700 1 0.3%
    Nokia N8 1 0.3%
    Nokia N9 1 0.3%
    Samsung Exhibit 1 0.3%
    Samsung Hercules 1 0.3%

    The "Lumia" family above includes both 820 (2) and 920 (27).

    A couple of random notes - there were only 2 Windows 7.X phones in that list (both DVP). Kind of makes sense, given the random smattering of BB 6/7, Symbian and even a WM6.5, albeit the HD2. The ONLY WP8 devices in the list are the Lumia 820/920. HTC is mysteriously absent. I'm not sure if this seller makes a skin for those phones or not.

    All in all, it's kind of what I expected. As far as which OS is selling the most, 1 = Android, 2 = iOS, 3 = WP8. There are two things that I find surprising though, the percentage of WP8 devies on that list (close to 11%) is not insignificant. In addition, I thought that sorting by phone family would have yielded iPhone, Galaxy, everyone else, however again, the Lumia X20 makes a decent showing, coming in 4th behind the Xperia line of phones (althought that was more surprising going into this, not really so much after looking at the OS first).

    Bottom line based on these numbers is that the 920 seems to be holding it's own for a struggling 3rd place OS. If someone were to tell me that WP now had a 10% market share, I'd consider that a pretty big victory. A lot better than I would have expected, but still a long road to go. I'm really curious to see how these numbers might look in a few months with the launch of BB10 and those related devices.

    Hope people found this interesting.
    01-30-2013 12:35 AM
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    Now do all phone accessory stores! ;)

    It is interesting, but how many people buy cases for their phone and does that vary by handset? I would say yes, but numbers I have no clue.
    01-30-2013 01:41 AM
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    I think that part's purely up to speculation, but I'm actually leaning closer to it being a relatively even distribution of "skin" buyers across the different devices. IMO, Apple set the benchmark for industrial design when the iPhone was released, so you'd think there would be people wanting to show it off, yet those fugly (albeit functional) Otter cases sell like hotcakes. With the skins, it's basically just there for scratch protection and that's something I think would be consistent across devices, especially since this is a product that's pretty universally available regardless of handset type.

    I thought about doing other accessories as well, but this was the easiest data set to obtain. If you start looking at hard cases or chargers or bumbers, there was a lot more variation in the titles of the auctions which made it very difficult to process the data.
    01-30-2013 09:53 AM
  4. tekhna's Avatar
    01-30-2013 10:18 AM

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