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    For any Lumia 920 music lovers out there... I really love the concept of NFC but didn't want to pay $300 for those JBL speakers when I already have a stereo system. After some Binging I found something called the BlackBerry Music Gateway and gave it a shot. (bought from crackberry.com BlackBerry Music Gateway | Bluetooth Bluetooth Adapters | ShopCrackBerry I think this is a WPCentral sister site, yes?)

    It arrived today and it's pretty friggin awesome. It powers over micro-USB and comes with two sets of cables for the line out to connect to: RCA jacks or a headphone jack. It was seriously as easy as plug-in, tap-to-connect and the music playing on my Lumia automatically started playing on my stereo with freedom to roam around the house and with complete remote control. Tap again and it "disconnects" back to playing on the Lumia. I think this little device just changed my life. If you're a music-phile, I highly recommend!
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    01-31-2013 12:48 AM

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