1. starguydave's Avatar
    Hello, lumia 920 newbie here so appoligies in advance.
    I got my lumia 920 and im trying to sort it out.
    i signed in using my hotmail address (one that ive had for nigh on 20 years) and when it popped up with people, it showed me everyone who i had ever saved the email of in my entire history. bit embarrasing but a hassle to go and delete and sort out.
    i then stupidly used the transfer my stuff app from my iphone 4 to my lumia.
    went smoothly all was good, until i went to find a number and saw that all my numbers were mixed in with my email contacts.
    now i cant turn off my email contacts or i see nothing, but i cant stand looking and searching through all of my contacts to find a person.
    is there a way i can seperate the two, so my emails contacts stay in one place and my phone contacts in another?
    i just want to be able to browse my phone book, not my email address book.
    if it helps i dont use facebook, and the whole social networking thing, so trying to sync email address/ phone numbers/ profiles is a waste of time.
    any and all help would be appreciated as i dont want to delete my whole email contact list just so i can view my phone book :(
    01-31-2013 02:17 PM
  2. phonohead's Avatar
    You can 'filter' out contacts you don't want to view in your "People" list. Click the people tile, and you'll find the filter option under settings. Try that.
    01-31-2013 02:36 PM
  3. starguydave's Avatar
    sadly all that does is either filter all of my contacts or none.
    because my contacts are now synced and intertwined with my hotmail contacts i cant seem to find a way to hide one and show the other :(
    01-31-2013 02:47 PM
  4. phirefly's Avatar
    WP is designed for your contacts to all be your email contacts. This is so that no matter what you never lose the contacts and you can manage them online. It's actually a pretty nice feature. Your only real option that I can think of would be to add another account type that has contacts and put the people you want to see in that service and filter like Phonohead said. Not a great solution but I actually like the everything must be stored online instead of on the phone mentality.
    01-31-2013 02:52 PM
  5. phonohead's Avatar

    I think you're left with a solution/workaround as suggested by phirefly. Export all your contacts from your current account, go online and import those you want into your new "contacts"-email.
    Then sync that email add, with only contacts, to your phone.
    01-31-2013 03:40 PM

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