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    Okay, so I got my lumia on the release day which was at the end of November. It started off perfectly fine and I was happy with it. Down the track is where problems started to persist. I started getting problems where land line phones would call me but would go straight through to my message bank, no cell phones. Sending text messages was constantly failing which prompted me to try again. I couldn't send or receive MMS messages which was quite frustrating because a lot of my contacts use that feature. The other odd issue I had was where my phone would arbitrarily switch to the black NOKIA screen and not change. I waited up to an hour to see if it would fix its self but didn't so I was forced to reset it.

    So after those problems happened, I took my phone to the retailer I bought it from. I am on a 24 month contract. They sent it off and put it down as a replacement because she had 3 other lumias that same day with the same issues. After about 5 days I had a call saying it was ready, but it was no replacement. Since I had a slight scratch on mine.

    A lot of those initial problems were fixed thankfully. Except for the MMS. Which I know people are still having problems with. I had to contact Telstra and they actually had to enable the MMS feature for me and I had to also test it with them and it worked. But not to anyone else unfortunately. Recently I am getting a new problem where my sound is quiet. The volume is at its max setting at 30 and to be able to hear the sound or song I'd have to put my ear to the speaker. Which requires me to turn off my phone and back on again. Which s annoying since it happens so many times in a day. The sms also has a feature where when you go over 160 characters it decides to send it as an MMS which also causes problems when sending them to some phones. It would be nice if they had a feature where you type a long message and it would automatically split it up once you've sent it. Because when I send anything over 160 characters it fails to send, I have to re send it in parts.

    I've done uncountable factory resets now and so I don't even see the point in doing that anymore since it doesn't help. When I did send my phone off, they updated a few things and some software I believe. But none of it really helped. Would it be better to directly contact Nokia Care and send it off to them possibly?
    02-03-2013 06:53 AM

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