1. khunhorm's Avatar
    I have 1 outlook.com with another 2 aliases: xxx@hotmail.com as a main account and yyy@outlook.com and zzz@outlook.com as the aliases

    xxx is my primary account used as microsoft account on my 920
    I can set yyy and zzz as email accounts on my 920 too.

    So I now have 3 inboxes on my 920.
    In xxx inbox I can only send out email as xxx.
    In yyy inbox I can only send out email as yyy. and so on.

    If I linked these 3 inboxes together, I can send out email as xxx, yyy or zzz.
    The problem is I that linked inbox I will have 3 copies of every email sent to me.

    How can I have 1 inbox that can send out email as xxx or yyy or zzz without duplicated email in my inbox?
    02-04-2013 02:40 AM
  2. rajkumr's Avatar
    As far as I understand how outlook aliases work,

    There are two ways,
    One is that the alias will create a separate folder and all emails coming to the alias will go directly to that folder.

    The second option is that you can specify which folder will receive the email for the alias.

    Just change the setting to each aliases to send the emails to the inbox, and then link the accounts in your phone to receive only one copy of the email and use different addresses for the sent from option.

    Hope this helps..
    I am currently in the process of switching to outlook.com and haven't tried it yet. But I guess it will work.

    Let me know!
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    02-04-2013 03:34 AM
  3. khunhorm's Avatar
    Thanks @Rajkumr but that exactly I have done. Mails sent to any aliases go directly to the inbox folder in outlook.com. And when I login to outlook.com i can send out mail as any alias. On 920, if i set outlook to xxx I can only send from xxx so i need to set 3 outlook xxx yyy and zzz. All account get mail from same inbox (outlook in 920 only get mail from inbox and cannot be set to get mail from other folders). If i link them in 920, all mails will appear 3 times in my inbox.
    02-04-2013 06:55 AM

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