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    I done a quick Google about the 920's camera to see if it was just mine that took out of focus shots and the result seems to be it's the phone in general. There appears to be much work needed to get the camera to focus on the whole image.

    Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Review: Connect
    Is there a such phone cam that can make focus for the whole image ? ... did you really read that review, even just an conclusion ? ... do you understand that it is still a phone cam ? ... 2 pics on the beginning of this thread are complete failures of either a cam or a photographer - if a photographer is doing OK, then a phone cam should be send to Nokia Care to fix that broken cam ...

    Edit: I can see only 1 pic any longer, so maybe other one is removed from the beginning of this thread ...

    I agree that Nokia has still to do work with their cam software, to get the best out from this cam ...
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